This Weekend’s Activities

Friday night was fun. Meeting up with friends in a little known Surrey village to see “The World Famous Red Sox” – with Jamie Moses and Spike Edney. Fantastic. Awesome. Not to be missed…glad we caught it and stayed until the end…sometime close to midnight! We drove home afterwards with ears ringing, but very, very happy. Yesterday gave me an opportunity to google the ‘guest’ and found lots of details about him and his musical career…the chap looks a little like Prof Emmet Brown from Back to the Future…but has an impressive musical pedigree.

As promised, yesterday we went to be ‘fitted’ for running shoes. Half a shop of shoes on the floor to try on, different sales people, and we both walk out with the same shoe… Very, very bizarre. Mizuno Wave running shoes – that we should break in on a treadmill, to check that they are right for us. That was the plan for today…but…

Last night out for dinner with friends, at their house. Fantastic food, company and chat – accompanied (in my case) by far too much wine has left me feeling rather delicate today….so no running – again. That’s now several days – oh well. Tomorrow’s the start of another week and another set of challenges…

Today’s been a strange day. It rained all day. I didn’t get dressed until half an hour ago (oops) and we’re going out in an hour to do it all again. Well, minus the vino for me.

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