On losing weight

A few years ago I lost 65lb doing weight watchers. I was do proud of myself for the achievement and became a helper to help me stay at that weight. Now, I am no longer a helper and I am gaining weight. I am pee’d off with myself – big time.

Before February I was doing well. But, the new job started, and with it a 2 hrs a day commute. It is not my diet that’s the issue, it is the lack of exercise. The ‘sitting on my butt for 8hrs plus’ every day.

So, I did it before – despite many other obstacles and now I need to do it again.

I rarely leave the office before 6pm and I leave home before 7.30am – so how do I to it?

Will power? Get up earlier? Leave the office on time?

I work from home on a wednesday so I need to log off at 5pm and get out.

Ugh. I need help with this.


I’ve been feeling tired for a while now. Quite a while actually. I thought it was just a combination of starting a new job, getting used to the long commute, and the elements of stress that seem to plague my every day and now I’m not so sure.

I’ve never been good at sleeping. I can easily fall asleep, but never stay asleep all night. My mum, gran and uncles are the same. (My sister breaks the mould though). At the weekend I take a sleeping pill so that I ‘catch’ up a little bit and try to decrease the sleep deficit. But, why am I still so tired?

Yesterday, something happened that made me think about my health. And without wanting to sound like a complete hypochondriac, I think I’m anaemic. 

Add to that the fact I’ve been monitoring my food recently and yesterday only consumed 990 calories, I’m not really helping myself.

It’s time to rethink my nutritional plan & the way I do things to pull me out of this (hypochondriac speaking here) unhealthy, unwell phase in life. First things first – get to grips with the diet. Stop eating cereal when you can’t be bothered cooking anything or using lack of time as an excuse. Plan menus for a week in advance and stick to it. NO PROCESSED FOODS AT ALL. Oh, and live a little. 

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Wii Fit/ Wii Sports

I hadn’t played/used either for a while and at the weekend I did quite a bit. Baseball is always my least favourite thing, because it hurts my arm – I don’t know why! I played a few games and managed to win some of them, but my arm is really sore today (and yesterday). If you’d have said to me that a video game could do that I wouldn’t have believed it. In Wii Sports I’ve reached the magical 1000 score line on many of the activities, but baseball remains at zero, despite playing and winning recently.

On Wii Fit, I’ve unlocked all but four boxes – three of them in the ‘muscle strength’ group and one in aerobics. Not quite sure what I haven’t done yet, or rather, what I need to do to unlock them, but I’m sure they soon be on my list. Favourite activities are beating everyone else’s scores on Step and Step Plus – but also at attaining ‘Yogamaster’ rating…on any of the yoga ‘games’. One of the big frustrations is the jogging…I cannot get a good score and I’m not sure why. Any ideas?

We played with a friend during the first week we bought the balance board and he has 106%. The highest I get is 60%…why? Last night I got 42%??? I’m fitter than him, I work out regularly and my BMI is slap in the middle of ‘healthy’…hmmm.

The Duchess in Hull

OK, so I’ve never really had an opinion on Sarah, or the way she’s handled things. For the most part I think the Royal family gets far too much scrutiny and criticism from everyone – some members of the family more than others. I sat down to watch the documentary about Sarah tackling obesity with an open mind.

The programmes themselves were well put together – very matter-of-fact, no rose-tinted view of how hard things can be for the family in question (and many other families in the UK) and no apologies either. Sarah was amazing. She came across as such a caring person, someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and most of all as one very determined lady. Her desire to aid a family in changing their habits in favour of a healthy lifestyle (emphasis on lifestyle, not on diet) is something I really admire and something I identify with. Her strength of character, her ability to put others at ease and to put her own experiences into such a public forum deserve nothing but praise.

I hope that other families in similar situations are able to learn from what the Sargersons went through, and how they are now living their lives. The gym memberships, the cooking lessons, the weight loss club and all the other things discussed in the programmes are available across the country, not just in Hull…something I think few of us are aware of.

Food for thought…

If you missed the episodes, you can catch up here:

3bts – prediction, a boy and oh wait, a girl

1. Debating with a friend over a lunch date…”You won’t be here on Monday, you’ll be delivering your baby” – I said confidently. My friend insisted she would be here at 12:30 to have lunch. When she didn’t get here I smiled and wished her the best for a safe delivery.

2. A little baby boy was born later that same day – he’s absolutely gorgeous! Baby H as he is currently known…

2a. Doing a ring-around the girls from WW, as requested, and hearing lots of excited ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at the end of the phone.

3. I ‘facebooked’ another friend to let her know about Baby H’s safe arrival only to hear that she has delivered a baby girl a few days earlier than expected…!

Congratulations to both sets of parents!

Impulse buy

The weekend saw us in town for a bit of shopping. It resulted in one very exciting impulse buy, which subsequently had an affect on the rest of the weekend…a Nintendo Wii. It’s fantastic.  I had a recommendation for one a while ago from J at Weight Watchers and then played on one before Christmas…

We bought a Wii with Guitar Hero III – which is just great. The real star of the show has to be Wii sports – just for the variety it brings to all who play it. Saturday night we had a party (of sorts) – and with people ranging from their early thirties right into their sixties, it was a varied group. Most people joined in and played some variation of the games, whether Wii Sports, or Mario Olypmics. The intention had not been to play all evening, but as people arrived, there was a lot of enthusiasm for playing the games…and a queue formed.

I was one of the people who laughed at the BBC’s Declan playing on the new Wii Fit game (due for release 25 April) – but I’m going to be one of the first to buy it. I can only imagine it’s a bit of good fun. Whether it’s really any good for keeping you fit, I don’t know. What I can say is that having played, tennis, baseball and boxing over the weekend, I have very, very sore muscles in my arms today.

I talked about overkill the other day…well, between us we have an old PS1, a PS2, two PSPs, an XBox 360 and a Wii…

Giving in to cravings

Right or wrong?
For several days now, i’ve had a thing about carrot cake – no, not those little slices from WW… What I’m after is a big slice of gooey, sweet, sticky, yummyness. I’ve debated about this for days – as in “do I, don’t I” – because I know it won’t go away. so, the dilemma is do I bake a carrot cake (Jo’s recipe – all the way from NZ and in my recipe folder for nearly 20 years!) or do I buy just one piece to satisfy the craving?

I bought a piece – just one. I wanted it to be just like Jo’s recipe – sticky, gooey, yummy, with just the right amount of cinnamon, just the right amount of fruit, but lots of carrots and for the icing to not be too sweet. But, it was everything I despise about shop bought carrot cake…dry, icing too sweet, tasteless and very “cakey”… I am disappointed. But, know that next time I crave something this bad (it really doesn’t happen often), I shall bake it myself and take the other 9 pieces to the office after I’ve had just the one 😉

I guess the lesson for me is: you know cakes baked by shops are yucky, unless they are baked fresh and on the premises, so don’t do it again! (I learned the lesson with Tirami Su…now, it’s carrot cake!).

3bts – timing, quick, compliment

1. Beating the time Tom Tom gave for getting home from London on a Friday night. I knocked an hour off the time given…by going a different way. 🙂

2. Catching someone’s quick wit mid-sentence and watching my boss’ realisation that it’s ok to laugh.

3. Getting a compliment from someone I haven’t seen for a very long time “you’re looking really slim”. (So, losing 63lbs really does have an impact ;-))

As my birthday approaches

I find myself wondering about various things in life. Tomorrow I’m another year older, but am I wiser?
Did I do anything worthwhile in the past year?
Have I achieved anything on a personal or professional level?
Did anything change?

I have a tendency to over-analyse stuff like this, but I always think birthdays make me reflect on the past year.
It can be both a good thing and a bad thing 😉

Tomorrow, I’m working – the second year in a row that I’m working on a birthday. It goes against the grain…but I need my days off for other “activities” and pressing engagements! So, I’ll work. I’ll be here. There will be 3/4 of us in the office – so I’ll bring cake/pastries or muffins or something. Then it’s a pretty normal day at the office followed by WW in the evening and hopefully a glass of something cold and bubbly after that!

Maybe it’s the age I’m approaching or maybe it’s a sign of the times, but I want to go out somewhere nice to eat that has great music, possibly a band, where you can also dance…(you know like the bar in Ally McBeal?). The closest we have around here is a Jazz Club (http://www.jagz.co.uk/) – which is pretty good – but it’s usually sold out and the food in the past has been hit and miss. (The bands are fantastic though…). The next option for dancing (and drinking) is a club…and…well, let’s just say that I’m not really a fan of any of the local clubs! A gap in the market perhaps??? 

Valentine’s Day – Oh, The Drama…

I don’t celebrate this “holiday” as our US friends call it. It’s just an excuse for retailers to cash in, yet again. There’s so much hype and gloss around the day. My boyfriend hates it…I’m sure you’ll read many people’s blogs saying the same. The question is, why do we fall into the retail trap?

When I was a kid Valentine’s Day was about writing poems and sending them in a card that you made (not bought) to someone you liked in school. That was it. No presents, no reminders every day for a week (from Tiffany that there’s still time to shop for that all important gift!) – or – reminders from Tesco (what? why on earth?). I’ve seen it written somewhere that people need to get back to basics and spread their “love” on this day…but why only on this day? Why wait?

I don’t see my parents, grandparents or sister nearly as often as I’d like, but every time I speak to them I tell them how much I love them. If I waited to just this one day a year it would be cruel. Don’t let Valentines Day dictate to you how and when you should show love, affection or to tell people how much you love them.

There is a flip-side to this – for those people who don’t get a lot of love or respect in their relationships…if Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that their kids, husbands or wives remember to say “I love you” – it’s a good thing. Let’s just stop bowing down to the retailers next piece of spam…