Air Conditioning

Do we ever get it right?

The office I work in is kept on the icy side, so when it’s 30 degrees outside, you go out into the air and melt. Yuck.

Last night I went to the gym – 30 degrees outside, a toasty 23 degrees inside. All ok until you start running and 2 mins into the run, you’re melting again. I can deal with that, it feels good to know that you’re working. But then, into the changing room for a shower and it’s like an ice box in there!! Ouch, not good after such a warm run.

Where’s the happy medium? And, why do we complain so much about the weather?

Lots of golf

Played three times over the weekend – same course, different days.




But, we’ll still go back for more.

Saturday was a pretty good round for me – but lacked any consistency in my play. I managed par on two holes, and did ok on a couple of others, but was let down by a couple of bad tee shots. My 3-wood is clearly the the club of the day…though closely followed by my 7-iron.

Yesterday was an ok round for me until the 9th where I completely lost it. Was it standing on the tee thinking “all you have to do is bogey this hole”…and that was it…kiss of death?

The big improvement for me seems to be in my short game. I am playing more consistent around the greens. I’m one and two putting – a huge improvement! And, my pitching is better than ever, though it seems I’ve developed a bad habit of knocking the ball out of the back of the green on the longer shots…

My tee shots have improved, but not on every tee 😦

At what point do I start thinking about an “improver” set of clubs rather than the beginners package I currently have?

SemiPro (I think that’s what it was called)

Billed as a comedy with Will Ferrell as it’s leading man…I would recommend you avoid this film. I thought it would be ‘ok’ as an entertaining laugh…I fell asleep, probably somewhere in the first half hour. I also read the Radio Times, and competed some of the puzzles at the back of the magazine before I fell asleep – the film was that good.

The rating:

0/5 – avoid…seriously.


Recently, I’ve seen a number of films at the cinema. Here are my views:

Wanted – 4/5

Bit of a rollercoaster ride with lots of action and unbelievable stories. A good watch on the big screen – not sure how well it will translate to the TV screen at home.

Mamma Mia – 3/5

What can I say? This is such a funny film. Beware, it’s a chick flick, so guys, just don’t bother. Ladies be warned, your views of Pierce Brosnan may change once you hear him sing. Overall, a real giggle.

Hancock – 3/5

Hmmm. For the first hour, this is hilariously funny, to the point that the cinema audience is laughing out loud. Then, not sure why, but the tempo changes, as does the storyline and it’s as though someone has taken two completely different plots and glued them together – unsuccessfully. Wil Smith as the drunk super hero is fantastic – a good DVD to rent if you want to laugh, and you’re prepared for the shift half way through.

Eeek…really unwell…or?

Making myself feel unwell?

Not sure. But blood pressure is back down again below the 50 mark. Nausea, dizzyness, ‘hungover fuzzy’ head etc. Temperature is normal…so what the heck is going on?


Update: I had a virus. It made me very ill, and my blood pressure lower than normal. Happy to say it’s back to normal now – well, normal for me 😉

Low blood pressure strikes wobbly

Hmmm…this is now getting silly. 75/47 was the low point, if you’ll pardon the pun. Today, I’m ok and at work with a reasonable 87/53 or that’s what it was…

Eek. I exercised quite a lot on Monday and then Tuesday was faced with low, low, low blood pressure. Did no exercise Tuesday as I was too wobbly (actually I just wanted to lie down, so that I didn’t feel as though I would fall over). And Wednesday, I also did no exercise…for the same reason.

This is just silly. But, I now understand the pattern. It’s all to do with times of the month, stress and fatigue. Hmmm. Must sleep more. Hmmm. Must go to bed early. Hmmm. Must rid life of stress…(yah, like that’s going to be easy???)

Wii Fit/ Wii Sports

I hadn’t played/used either for a while and at the weekend I did quite a bit. Baseball is always my least favourite thing, because it hurts my arm – I don’t know why! I played a few games and managed to win some of them, but my arm is really sore today (and yesterday). If you’d have said to me that a video game could do that I wouldn’t have believed it. In Wii Sports I’ve reached the magical 1000 score line on many of the activities, but baseball remains at zero, despite playing and winning recently.

On Wii Fit, I’ve unlocked all but four boxes – three of them in the ‘muscle strength’ group and one in aerobics. Not quite sure what I haven’t done yet, or rather, what I need to do to unlock them, but I’m sure they soon be on my list. Favourite activities are beating everyone else’s scores on Step and Step Plus – but also at attaining ‘Yogamaster’ rating…on any of the yoga ‘games’. One of the big frustrations is the jogging…I cannot get a good score and I’m not sure why. Any ideas?

We played with a friend during the first week we bought the balance board and he has 106%. The highest I get is 60%…why? Last night I got 42%??? I’m fitter than him, I work out regularly and my BMI is slap in the middle of ‘healthy’…hmmm.

A helping hand?

A friend of mine has been really struggling lately to get to grip with her weight. She’s just had a mountain of things to worry about, and being the person she is, she’s forgotten to take care of herself. Like a lot of us, when others are in need, we neglect our own needs & wants, to the point that it’s a shock when crisis over, we feel under the weather or worse.

This particular friend is an amazing person and I hate to see when she’s not in top form. Yesterday, I asked her for help (bit of a cunning plan really). She responded immediately, saying of course she’ll help. The plan is simple, I told her (the truth) that I’d had a bad weekend and that I needed some support this week. She’s rallied round and we’ve challenged each other to get back on track and get sorted out.

I’m hoping it works.

For me, last night it involved an hour and a half on Wii Fit. I would have gone out cycling, but I’m a fair-weather cyclist and it was chucking it down. I don’t mean it was heavy rain, it was, but it was as though someone just left a tap running. The bark on next door’s garden got washed away, and (thankfully I live on a hill), but the roads in the bottom of the village suffered from flooding. It’s July! This time last year, I was out running every night after work!

No sleep, and the fat lady sings

I didn’t sleep well last night – at all. An old issue that has been on my mind for a long time came to life again yesterday. Yes, it’s work related. Yes, it’s not good. Yes, it’s a bit of a nightmare as it involved some people who I consider very special, and who are very dear to me.

Today the fat lady started singing. Hopefully, (I say hopefully, because I don’t officially know anything) it is on its way to being resolved.

Rather cryptic, but, I feel things can be progressed now – for me, for them.