My sister

Lives in New Zealand and has been there for over two years. She’s a therapist with the Millbrook Spa in Queenstown. She lives there on her ‘own’ (not really on her own at all!), after her partner of 6 years returned to Scotland to get a new business off the ground. He’s got an amazing opportunity…

My sister is in love with New Zealand – the people – the place – the culture – the way of life – with everything Kiwi. I don’t really think she wants to come back, ever, but it appears she’s going to come back in August… She is happy where she is, but feels she’s missing her ‘I’ too much since he came home. Time will tell.

While she’s been there – she has bungie jumped, parachuted, been white water rafting (that’s not too adventurous, as her ‘I’ is an instructor), kayaking, hiking, rock climbing etc. etc. You name it, she’s tried it! She’s had a great time. Now she needs to work out what’s next.

Will this really be the last travelling she does? Or will the travel bug always affect her?

Who knows!

Mum’s iPod thing – update

After much discussion, many phone calls, and one panic sticken mother – the new, replacement iPod dock for my mum arrived today. She’s totally delighted. Her only comments have been to do with the fact that the supplier didn’t take away the broken one and ‘what do we do now’…

Well, my view is, they didn’t collect it when they dropped off the new one, it’s broken so we throw it away, right?

My dad’s view is, he’ll take it apart, replace the internal fuse (how does he know it’s got one?)and then mum can have a second iPod dock in the bedroom…

We shall see!

3 BTs – More strawberries, pink champagne and sleep!

1. I wrote a few weeks ago about English strawberries and how there’s nothing like ’em…well, I upset my mum with that comment. She recently reminded me that there’s nothing quite like Scottish strawberries. And, having been home to Scotland to visit – I have to agree. Let’s call the best strawberries British!! As long as they are not El Santa from Spain for mass supermarket purchase, they’ll be great!

2. Pink champagne – just because. The bubbles do amazing things…

3. After exercise and feeling physically exhausted – sleep is just so delicious.