Traffic jam?

every day I drive for two hours, commuting to work and back. some days it ends up being between three and five hours, if the traffic is bad. this week leaving home at 07.25 on Wednesday should have given me an office arrival time of 08.30, but I got a traffic alert and it was more like 09.30. at the time I hit the traffic (between two junctions) I was on hands-free to my Mum. sitting at home in the Glen she waS excited to detail the traffic jam in front of her house.

Now, let’s set the scene here…this is a remote Scottish glen, with a road that is three meters wide. the house is about half a mile away from the road, up on a hill, so the views are perfect.

On this particular morning there was chaos on the road due to a traffic jam. I was stuck in a nine mile tailback – there were five cars in the glen, stuck because there was a tractor on the roll, pulling a wide low-loader that no-one could pass.

For my mother the hold up was a piece of news, a rare occurance. for me, it was, I should say is, a way of life.

Sometimes I forget just how vast the differences between my glen and here are. sometimes they make me laugh, like today with the five car jam.

Other times, I worry that we focus too much on the negative things that matter too much in our day to day lives.