Golf Lesson Number 4

A video lesson…
Set up, take a few warm up shots, then action.
From the first lesson to now the instructor is pleased with my progress. And, surprisingly, so am I.

So, today I was filmed hitting a 6 iron between 135 and 155 yards. Fantastic.
My swing is much improved. My grip is completely different. I’m controlling my hips better…but, I’ve still got work to do – to improve further. At least I know I’m making progress! Now I need to get out and play some more…

Anyone for golf?
Apparently, there’s a friend willing to have a go… Got to pursue this! It would be great to have a girl around to play golf with!

3BTs – acupuncture, progress, and nap time

1. Today’s acupuncture session was great. I enjoyed the chat as my acupuncturist applied the needles in various places. It’s always good to feel an air of calm washing over me.

2. Golf lesson this morning was videoed… And, surprise of all surprises, it was obvious that I’ve made progress from the last time I was filmed! Wow. I am much relieved! It felt good to have my instructor pay me a compliment… (Don’t get me wrong, I need to work on other issues now, but I am improving).

3. Those days where you sit down on your bed, lie back for a moment and wake up half an hour or more later. It’s refreshing. it’s wonderful. It’s great – as long you haven’t got somewhere else to be at the time 😉