Golf – 9 Holes

Played a round of 9 holes earlier this week – with Rugby “I”. Good to catch up and see what he’s been up to…work, relationships, drinking, shopping, style, lingerie and an old fashioned gossip about people we know.

The golf started out well. For the first 5 holes – I was consistent (bad, yes, but much improved over previous outings). Then for the last 4 holes I was awful. So, what happened?

If I had carried on with the same form as the first 5, I would have improved my record by quite a large percentage… But, with a 6, 8, 9 and another 6 – I showed myself up terribly. Again, what happened?

Well, for the first 5 holes, we were so busy chatting and having a bit of a laugh, that we weren’t really concentrating on the golf and it seems we were relaxed. The next 4 holes, we’d finished the gossip part and were spending more time watching our swing, or stance, or addressing the ball. It seemed to get all serious when Rugby “I” realised he’d missed an all important putt…

The moral of the story – forget running through your mental checklist – go out – take a practice swing – hit the damn ball. As soon as you think about it too much, you tense up, get too serious and you mess it up completely.

But then, what do I know???

3 BTs – Red, Warm Feeling and Cloned!

1. My new red skirt. Had to be done – replaced an older, much larger model…:-)

2. People at my Thursday night class paying me compliments when I’ve had a bit of a down day. Makes me feel warm from the inside out.

3. Discovering that my bank account has been credited with money – following a recent card-clone incident! Yay! So pleased! (Now, if I could just remember my PIN…)

New Car

Yep, the new car is not so new now… With several trips to Birmingham (work), Brighton, and now a trip to Scotland (pleasure) – it is officially not new anymore. It’s still less than three months old, but I’ve driven the majority of its 3600 miles. It’s still lovely.

It faired pretty well on the journeys to and from Enochdhu (Tayside, Scotland).  My Dad reckons the car is impractical…he struggled to get in and out of it (it’s his knees). Mum loved it – says “it goes like a rocket”. Gran was most disappointed she couldn’t get in it. I tried breaking the Enochdhu to Pitlochry record, but failed when I got stuck on Moulin Moor – behind a tourist taking pictures of…not the beautiful scenery of Ben Y Vrackie, Schiehallion and Ben Lawyers…but sheep! Oh well, you can’t win ’em all. I did manage to break my own record from Enochdhu to home… 7 hours including two stops…

As for the car…there’s nothing quite like getting in it first thing in the morning, making a quick decision and then, either putting the roof down, or driving off with roof in place… Today is a bit of an odd day – the office is empty so I’ve chosen to work from home. At lunch time I had to buy some gift vouchers for people leaving work – so went out in the car with the roof down. The feeling of the wind in your hair, music playing from the playlist on my iPOD, and the warmth of the sunshine. It feels like a holiday.

Having returned to my desk this PM, patio doors opened, playlist playing…I can’t quite maintain that holiday-feeling. Something to do with the work on the laptop…?

Speaking of which…