Snow Patrol at the O2

Last week saw us venturing out, onto the train, the tube and into the O2 for the Snow Patrol – Take Back the Cities tour. Having seen them before, we decided not to get tickets for the (rather steep) auditorium seats, but to go for standing tickets. It’s all about the atmosphere and in those seats, you can’t really stand up, dance, or move about too much for fear of falling off. Standing tickets, being not far from the stage at any point, and being in among other fans was just fantastic.

We dance, we sang, we cried (yes, we did), and we laughed.

The band…amazing.

Early in the set they’d played all the popular songs; Run, Chasing Cars, Chocolate etc. So, working out what the encore would be was interesting. Lightening Strike live is fantastic…but it was clear from the crowd that not many people had listened to the album all the way through. 

Since seeing the band at the O2 a couple of years ago, they’ve matured somehow. The stage prescence is improved, even though it wasn’t ever bad, it’s better. They build into a song and engage the crowd to a point where you just can’t help singing and dancing along.

Gary asked the audience to sing ‘Chasing Cars’ and was visibily moved when the O2 erupted into the chorus and then the verses of the song. He commented that ‘Journalists ask if I get bored playing the same songs…after that f**k no’. It was fantastic.

Can’t wait to see them again.

Springsteen & Superbowl

I saw Springsteen in London last year (see earlier entry) and I’m hoping to see him in ’09 (he hasn’t yet annouced UK dates/venues)…but last night he played the Superbowl.

I don’t normally post links to YouTube, but if you’ve never seen ‘the Boss’ live, watch the video. He’s just an awesome entertainer. Ahem…the link I originally posted has since been removed due to a problem on YouTube, but I’m sure there’ll be another one up there soon.

Queen & Paul Rodgers at the 02

13 October 2008


20,000 people rocking with the kings of rock. The old Queen numbers, some numbers from Paul Rodgers and the new Queen numbers from the album. What a stunning back catalog to choose from in order to lift the roof off the O2.

What an atmosphere. What a venue. What a band. What a show. And what a voice!!  Paul Rodgers has an awesome voice, with a range that just surpasses all expectation. The voice together with a superb stage presence made for a fantastic gig.

From start to finish the whole band seemed to be having a fantastic time. Jamie and Spike seemed to be winding each other up and having a good laugh all the way through…just as happy and carefree as when they play the local village hall in Surrey.

If you have tickets for the gig on the 7th November – lucky you. You’re going to have a great time!

Oh, and the set list can be seen at

Queen & Paul Rodgers Concert

Upcoming on the 13th October – I can’t wait.

From the posts on it looks like the tour is off to a good start…the photos are amazing. As I’ve read some of the posts, I’ve become more annoyed about people saying it’s not the same without Freddie.

OF COURSE IT’S NOT! Grow up people. Paul Rodgers is not Freddie, nor is he trying to be. This is Queen with Paul Rodgers. Give it a chance, listen, enjoy. Paul’s voice is amazing…you never know, you might like the new music/songs…just stop the whinge!

Bon Jovi Concert

St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

One word: awesome

Four words: out of this world

Bon Jovi really do rock. Richie, Jon and the crew really know how to rock a stadium. With 95% of the audience on its feet for the whole event, singing, shouting, clapping, toe-tapping and jumping in time to the music – it was an amazing atmosphere. (BTW: what’s with the people who sit through the whole thing, not singing, not dancing and seemingly getting annoyed with the rest of us? Why bother going…).

The set list for last night is here:

It was just like a “Best of Bon Jovi” concert. They played for two hours, but I would happily have stayed and listened to them play for another two hours…Only a few songs from the new album, but some great “classic Bon Jovi” hits to keep the toes tapping.

As it started raining Jon looked up at the sky and said “Hey, it wouldn’t be a Bon Jovi concert if it didn’t rain.” Cool.

Jon sang Duffy’s hit “Mercy” at which the stadium just erupted…
Richie played at least 10 different guitars, leaving my partner with “guitar-envy”…lol.

I want to see the band again. I’m currently trying to get tickets to see them in Glasgow on the 21st…(with The Feeling as support).

The support act last night…well, there’s another story! Let’s just say it must have been very intimidating to get on stage in front of 35,000 people when you’re used to playing at venues of 100 people…

P.S. The stadium…brilliant venue! Emirates sucks in comparison. Everything was better.
P.P.S. It was nice to meet up with DCA after 25 years! Good gig huh?

Bruce Springsteen Gig

At the Emirates stadium in London.

What an entertainer! Playing with his E-Street Band, Bruce rocked the Emirates for two and a half hours – virtually non-stop. Songs were played with so much enthusiasm you would have thought Bruce and Steve were jamming together “just for fun” in the living room.

Bruce loves the audience, that much is clear from the first five minutes – and working the crowd in his own way is an art form. “Request time” is done to make the crowd think they have chosen the songs…

He leans over into the crowd, leans back into the crowd and reaches down into the crowd – to screams, hundreds of hands all over him…and his Telecaster.

This was my first experience of a Bruce Springsteen gig – I hope it won’t be the last. Here’s the link to the set list…looks like Friday night was more of a “hits” night, while last night was more of an older Springsteen music gig…fantastic.

Oh and about the venue…The Emirates stadium…two words…it sucks.

Big time.

Transport links are absolutely appalling, so if you park south of the river expecting to catch a train back to your car, be warned…it can take two hours to travel back! That’s what it took us…

That’s not the only complaint I have. The food and drinks on offer are/were just awful, no, worse than awful. If you’re vegetarian, you’re limited to nachos or pizza. If you’re gluten/wheat free – forget it – and I mean really forget it. You’ll be surviving on water for the night. If you’re dairy free then it’s a caesar salad, but the staff don’t know if there’s dairy in the dressing. Duh! (FYI – it’s hot dogs, caeser salad with croutons and bacon, pizza, jam doughtnuts or nachos. Nice to see that one of the newest stadiums in the UK is getting behind the obesity problem in the UK. Great, well done!

Scouting for Girls

At the Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Oh my goodness, how many screaming girls??

I’ve been to a number of gigs over the years, but never have I felt so old or wanted ear plugs – as much as I did last night. The screams were soooo loud, ear plugs would have been nice! The way the girls screamed was unbelievable – the atmosphere reminded me of Bay City Rollers concerts or the screams around the Beatles when they played…

The band was good – the lead singer works a crowd really well…the music is happy music…

If you go to any of their gigs, be prepared for the screaming girls…be warned!

Billy Bragg Gig

Saturday night at the Hexagon in Reading

Fantastic. He’s a great entertainer. His songs improve with age and as the years move on he tweaks the words to keep them current. The new album is really good, so hearing some of the songs live was great.

I will defintely see him again and can recommend the gigs. Yes, I know he’s quite political, but I’m not (at all) I went for the music and the entertainment factor.

World Famous Red Sox

Grayshott Village…

A tiny venue somewhere in deepest darkest Surrey became home for some 300 people and Jamie Moses’ World Famous Red Sox. As we found last time, the band attracts a rich collection of people ranging from teens right up to the more mature “Dad Rock” fans (some of whom needed to sit during the gig). Yet again, the band impressed the audience with a mix of music from across the years. The jokes, the facial expressions and the little rituals that each band member have contribute to a great night out.

The atmosphere is one of friendly humour, charged with great guitar, drumming, and of course Spike’s keyboard playing. What comes across from the band is that they really enjoy playing together. Both the BF and I commented on it being almost a party – not just for the audience, but for the band. At one point I looked to the stage to see the tops of heads bobbing around in front of me…you can’t help tapping your toes and moving to the music!

I can’t wait to see them again – next time in October when Jamie and Spike will be with Queen at the O2. If you get the chance to see them, do. I can’t recommend them enough.

P.S. Thanks to Jane for organising our tickets.

Queen update

We got tickets!
Both of us online at the same time for the presale of tickets and we got one set!
We did consider buying a second set of tickets – but didn’t go ahead. Since we got our tickets, people have started putting up their tickets on EBay…for twice the face value per ticket. I’m so glad we didn’t buy a second set, as selling them on Ebay would make us into crooks like the others currently involved in ticket sales on the auction site.

So, the O2 here we come!