Getting organised

I spent some time updating photos on flickr tonight. I only uploaded about 20 in total, but it was good to make a start. None of the shots have been edited, but they are some of my favourites from recent activities. In particular it’s people’s facial expressions, especially their reactions to a specific event, activity or situation around them.

3BTs – photos, first, sunshine

  1. At a party on Saturday BF and I took approximately 200 photos of everything and everyone. I had a great time looking through them, deciding which to send to others, which to delete etc. But, most of all seeing the very different facial expressions.
  2. My first rose appeared this morning – not quite unfurled, but just bursting with colour and perfume. Gorgeous Blue Moon – with more buds to burst in the coming weeks I will watch as the garden explodes in shades of pink and purple.
  3. I love driving to work with the roof down on days where the sun is shining bright from the moment I step out of my front door. It might not actually be warm (it was a chilly 15 degrees in the car), but it’s still the best way to wake up!

Trouble ahead…

Yep – here we go again, stormy waters lie in front of us. We’ve sailed them before and done ok, but this time feels different.

Work. It’s a chore. It’s even worse when you know no matter what you do, it’s others and their actions (or lack of them) that cause the major issues.

Worry. Yes. Lots.
Plan? Not yet.

3BTs – airport, pink, and technology in action

  1. Anticipating seeing someone. I have to pick someone special up from the airport later.
  2. Pinks in bloom in my garden. Recently planted, the pinks are starting to show their colours, release their perfume and decorate my previously dull garden.
  3. Ah, the joys of a ‘Multipoint’ headset! Carrying two mobile phones just got a lot less painful thanks to Jabra

Shopping Online – Two Very Different Examples

I would probably say that most of us shop online, or have done at some point in our lives. I do a lot of online shopping, whether groceries, cars (yes, I once bought a car online), clothes, shoes, electronics or simple things like blank media, I think it’s a good option for people who are busy at work (or who prefer a bargain). The online shopping experience can be varied. Below are two recent examples of “customer experience” online…(together with a bit of a rant about one of them).

Example number one:
I have two mobiles – one for work, one for pleasure. This generally means I have two headsets, so a bit of online research led me to purchase a multipoint headset from Jabra. The item arrived within two days of purchase (delivered to the address I specified i.e. work). Plugged it in, and to my dismay, it didn’t work. I called the retailer (yes, they have a dedicated customer support number) and I was given the option of full refund or replacement. I chose replacement. One week later a second headset was mistakenly delivered to my father and a third delivered to me. It works perfectly. The retailer in question even refunded my postage charges. (Oh, and the headset sent to my Dad was returned to them).

Second example:
New phone purchase from one of the UK’s mobile providers…placed the order online, requested delivery direct to my mum’s house (North of Scotland). An email confirmation arrived; to my annoyance it not only states that the order cannot be delivered to mum, but that because of fraud prevention it can only be delivered to my billing address. On checking the details, I noticed immediately there was an error. The shipping and billing address were listed as my former postal address (i.e. the place I lived two years ago). I contacted the retailer and was assured the order address had been changed.

One week later, no phone. The delivery service (red vans, you know the one) claimed the item was refused and they sent it back to the retailer. I had been in all day and taken no calls. Hmmm. Not difficult to work out what happened…is it?

Another week passes and a second attempt to get the phone that I’ve already paid for…and guess what, today it was again delivered to my old address and again “refused” by my ex. Duh! Stupid people.

Hours have passed since I sent an email to complain and ask for a refund (i.e. there is no phone number for this online retail experience) silence.

How annoyed am I?
How glad am I that I stayed home all day?

Companies really should be doing everything in their power to keep good customers loyal. Unluckily for this retailer, I pay for a phone on their network which I give my mother. It will be transferred to another mobile phone provider as soon as I can arrange it.

Customer service – 0/5
Customer experience – 0/5
Overall experience – 0/5

Bon Jovi Concert

St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

One word: awesome

Four words: out of this world

Bon Jovi really do rock. Richie, Jon and the crew really know how to rock a stadium. With 95% of the audience on its feet for the whole event, singing, shouting, clapping, toe-tapping and jumping in time to the music – it was an amazing atmosphere. (BTW: what’s with the people who sit through the whole thing, not singing, not dancing and seemingly getting annoyed with the rest of us? Why bother going…).

The set list for last night is here:

It was just like a “Best of Bon Jovi” concert. They played for two hours, but I would happily have stayed and listened to them play for another two hours…Only a few songs from the new album, but some great “classic Bon Jovi” hits to keep the toes tapping.

As it started raining Jon looked up at the sky and said “Hey, it wouldn’t be a Bon Jovi concert if it didn’t rain.” Cool.

Jon sang Duffy’s hit “Mercy” at which the stadium just erupted…
Richie played at least 10 different guitars, leaving my partner with “guitar-envy”…lol.

I want to see the band again. I’m currently trying to get tickets to see them in Glasgow on the 21st…(with The Feeling as support).

The support act last night…well, there’s another story! Let’s just say it must have been very intimidating to get on stage in front of 35,000 people when you’re used to playing at venues of 100 people…

P.S. The stadium…brilliant venue! Emirates sucks in comparison. Everything was better.
P.P.S. It was nice to meet up with DCA after 25 years! Good gig huh?

3BTs – Pinks, Gentle Surprise, Busy

  1. The satisfaction of planting Purple Pixies, Fatheads, Pinks, Blue Moons, and other flowering shrubs in my garden to make it look more colourful and smell more fragrant and hearing that I’ve planted some wonderful things (from someone older and wiser).
  2. Holding a four week old baby in my arms and seeing how gentle a five year old (normally a very boisterous little boy) reacts toward the tiny baby.
  3. Laughter, chitter-chatter of voices, and the satisfying hum generated by a house / garden full of people yesterday.