I Was Right

Not to accept the second valuation.

I’m working from home today (awaiting a delivery) and I missed a call from my financial advisor while on the other line. Her message was short and sweet. Yesterday’s valuation came in at exactly the value I had talked about all along. I was right to hold out. I was right to reject the first and the second.

What it means is I won’t be paying an extra few hundred pounds a month in mortgage payments, I’ll actually be paying just a few pounds more.

Smug? Me? Never. I’ve still got to get completion.



All the talk, all the news, every media outlet is talking recession. It’s affecting many of us already. The BBC has headlines of repossessions going up by 71% – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7694819.stm and it’s scary. Yes, it’s very scary. But, how much of what we hear is scare-mongering talk? How much of the downturn is being influenced by the media and our response to its doom and gloom?? You have to wonder.

I’ve had three valuations done on my house in recent weeks (remortgaging as my deal is just about to expire) and none of them have been satisfactory!

According to the first one, my house is worth a few £k less than I paid for it two years ago. According to the second, it’s worth nearly £30k less than I paid. And according to the third? Well, I don’t know, because he wouldn’t tell me anything – he has to provide his figure to the bank. So,here I sit, waiting patiently for the news.

I wouldn’t accept the second valuation, as the surveyor didn’t actually come to the house, he just looked on the internet for “similar” properties as reference points. All of those properties he used as example prices, were smaller than mine, did not have the outdoor space I have, nor did they have the double glazing (that I installed) and both are next to the railway line – mine is not.

Today’s valuation was OK. He was here for much longer than the first and wanted to know a lot more about the space. Is that a positive sign…pah? Who knows.

Afternoon Nap

I just woke up from an unexpected afternoon nap.

I slept well last night, but got up this morning to clear my paperwork mountain. Remortgaging the house seems to be calling on papers that are/were stacked high in the study… But, all morning, filing, shredding etc. I’ve had a stinking headache. Pills had no effect. I sat on the sofa to watch a little golf and the next thing I knew my BF was on the phone…

I feel great. Refreshed. Headache free. And, ready for the next task of the day.

Perhaps an afternoon nap is the answer to my not sleeping during the night. It seems though, we should all be trying for a siesta/power nap more often than we do currently. The website below talks about the benefits of napping during the day.


Positive Signs?

The last 8-10 weeks have seen very little to laugh about, but with a bit of positive news in the last couple of days, I’m starting to see the funny side of what’s happened/happening.

Gran’s funding has finally been allocated. Next Friday, the Granster will move to her new home in Yorkshire. I haven’t seen her for a few weeks, but apparently this news has resulted in her being more upbeat, and so much happier than she has been in a long time. For my mum the news has been well received, even though she’s going to miss gran terribly. She’s really pleased that gran finally gets her wish to be nearer the extended family. Christmas seems to be taken care of too, with Aunty S. taking control of the arrangements to ensure gran isn’t on her own at all during the period. Had plans been complete, we would have been there to take Gran with us to mum & dad’s new place at the coast…but that’s not going to happen, not this year at least.

So, mum, sis and her BF left me on Thursday to journey back up North. Sis was dreading the temperature difference…of all things. Here it’s averaging 13-16 during the day…there, they have snow and minus temperatures. It’s a big leap from the summer time she thought she’d face in NZ!

What of NZ? Well, her BF still awaits news. Sis still wants to go. Who knows what will happen there…?

I mentioned the funny side…well, every time I think of the hospital incident I think of morphine and how it took away the pain in an instant. My sister was high on morphine…her face, her mood, the manner in which she spoke were all affected by morphine and now I can look back, it was funny. And the nurse who gave her the morphine as so funny. There were other really funny incidents to do with pain meds and where they had to be administered, but you’d have to know my sis to understand why it’s all so funny.

And, now that I’m on my own again in the house, the cats roam free…but, I’m three mugs, and one glass down – victims of a stressful few weeks. I have to find replacements for the mugs sooner rather than later. I also need to restock my beer cider, vodka, whisky, wine, & soup supplies. They seemed to just evaporate during the last few weeks.

So what next?
I guess time will tell, but I hope the signs are positive for everyone.

No news…?

Well, the rollercoaster ride seems never-ending.

My gran is still in hospital, funding yet to be allocated. For gran, who doesn’t understand the reasons she’s in hospital, it’s like a living hell, while she waits to move to her new home. Cruel to be kind…really…but so hard on gran and mum – in so many ways. Mum’s like a tortured soul over the whole thing.

Sis and her BF are still with me. The NZ embassy have not yet called with news of his work permit – good or bad – there’s no news. In the meantime, sis has been very ill. Three different visits to doctors, nurses, x-ray and hospital resulted in no diagnosis. It took her to be SERIOUSLY ill for anything to change. We spent the day in A & E – from early morning to early afternoon – where sis received a cocktail of pain killers to ease the most horrendous pain I’ve ever witnessed anyone suffer. Ibuprofen, Codeine, paracetamol, tramadol and finally, a little bit of pain free living with morphine. Yes, morphine. She was finally admitted to a ward in the late afternoon after being seen by no less than six doctor’s, five of them surgeons and various nurses. 

24-hrs later, mum had arrived (driven through the night to get here) and sis was on the operating table. 

Thankfully, sis is making a great recovery, but as she’s had surgery and needs a consult in two months, she won’t be able to travel to NZ after all. What does that mean for her and her BF? Well, as there’s no news from the embassy, they too are living in limbo.

So, the rollercoaster is getting faster, right?

I wrote recently about “the Glen” and how the family home was sold? Well, it’s not. The buyers have pulled out. Or rather, not pulled out, they don’t want to pay the fair market value for the house. 

What can I do to help? Nothing, I’m as good as useless. 
This situation…this rollercoaster just won’t stop to let them get off. And, they need to get off. Soon.

3bts – sunshine, break, and stress-free

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 3bts…so, bear with me a little bit longer…but here’s an attempt!

  1. An unexpected sunny day in October and spending it with my sis walking around Avebury
  2. Getting to spend quality time with someone special after a break – and realising how much you missed them.
  3. The fantastic atmosphere at the concert blows away all negative thoughts and stresses. Yay!

Queen & Paul Rodgers at the 02

13 October 2008


20,000 people rocking with the kings of rock. The old Queen numbers, some numbers from Paul Rodgers and the new Queen numbers from the album. What a stunning back catalog to choose from in order to lift the roof off the O2.

What an atmosphere. What a venue. What a band. What a show. And what a voice!!  Paul Rodgers has an awesome voice, with a range that just surpasses all expectation. The voice together with a superb stage presence made for a fantastic gig.

From start to finish the whole band seemed to be having a fantastic time. Jamie and Spike seemed to be winding each other up and having a good laugh all the way through…just as happy and carefree as when they play the local village hall in Surrey.

If you have tickets for the gig on the 7th November – lucky you. You’re going to have a great time!

Oh, and the set list can be seen at http://brianmay.com/whatsnew.html

Warning: Breville JK64 Kettle

Two years ago boyfriend and I got new homes. As part of the whole moving experience, we bought kettles. We ended up with the same model – because we wanted the same “filter” feature. Two years on and my BF has replaced his kettle with a newer model. Today I replaced mine with a different brand (same filter function).

The reason? Both kettle bases have been burned through. The wiring at the base of the kettle has actually melted and burned the plastic and is burning the electric component base. OMG. What a nightmare.

The brand: Breville
The model: JK64

I contacted customer services about the fact two kettles have done exactly the same thing and this is the reply:

We are in receipt of your email with reference to the unit


 Yours is an exceptional case, but as you will no doubt appreciate we are unable to comment on the failure without having the opportunity to fully inspect the unit, if you wish to return it to the address below for exploratory purposes, and we will be pleased to advise you on our findings..


Whilst it may be of little consolation to you in this instance, we can refer to many hundreds of thousands of the same constructional configurations, which are providing satisfactory service, and we regret that your experience is contrary to the norm.


We extend our apologies on behalf of Pulse Home Products for the problems you have experienced and any inconvenience caused to your good self.


Pulse Home Products Ltd

Vine Mill

Middleton Rd





Kind Regards

Customer Service

Hmmm. Send them my unit, at my expense, and meanwhile get a new kettle. Great example of customer service in the UK.

“A Watched Pot…”

they say it never boils…

Well, working in our tight little office is kind of similar. Each of us is waiting for the call to the boss’ office to announce redundancies. Everytime your name is called out, you think “this is it”. But, while the indications are there, and the boss has mentioned to me that “it’s inevitable” the waiting is torture. None of us want to be let go, none of us want to be forced by someone else’s timeframe, but here we are…waiting.

I’m looking (ya, of course). Trying to set up interviews where and when I can. But, as we know there’s a global credit crisis and who’s first to go? The marketing team. With a lot of good talent available right now, it’s a “buyers” market out there.  So, wish me luck. And wish my colleagues good luck as we try to get through another few days of hell.

Another Wee Bit of Good News?

The interest rate has been dropped by the Bank of England. As someone in the middle of a re-mortgage I’m hoping that this rate change will be adopted by my mortgage lender as soon as possible… I’m sure there are many other people in similar situations, so lots of you will understand.

But, that’s where it stops really. My sis and her boyfriend are still waiting. There are another few days before the end of the ’10-working days’, but it’s agonising for them. Every day wasted is costing them money. It’s a bit of a nightmare for them both.

And, Mum’s just had a bit of a blow from the so-called ‘buyers’ of their house. We’ll see what happens from here on in, but Mum needs to be strong. Very strong in the face of the rubbish being thrown her way today. And Dad, wee Doody (as my sis would say), he’s very quiet. He just wants the next phase of their life to start and it’s still on hold.

I’m looking forward to them being able to do holidays when they want (make the most of this nightmare timeshare I have), play golf, do tango lessons (my dad…hmmm…maybe not), do pottery classes or whatever!!