3bts – cuddles, tea, puddy tats

I haven’t 3bt’d for a while. It’s just not been a great time for it. Life got a bit stressful on the 25th August, but now I’m hoping things are changing – for the better. Here’s my first 3bt of 2009…

1. Getting a cuddle from my step sons before they go to bed. The small one sits on my knee and pats my back as he squeezes me.

2. A cup of refreshing tea, made and drunk while we chat about Twitter and the things people say… 

3. Coming home after a long day out to find both puddy tats waiting for some attention from me. Now, the smallest sits behind my right shoulder, her paws resting on me.


New gadgets?

I’m seriously thinking about getting a new phone. My HTC Tytn ii is getting old. It still works well, but needs a makeover…an extreme one. A year of abuse, being dumped into a cluttered handbag, sports bag or into the cradle in the car has done the fascia no good at all. With an 18 month contract still in play (why, oh, why do we have those now?), I need to wait a little longer – apparently, any leftover contract term gets added…before you know it, a contract could end up being 24 or even 36 months…with one handset? Get real! They are not built to last, and it certainly wouldn’t be cool to have a three-year old phone, would it?

So, I’ve been watching Tweets to see what phones get ‘Twitter Traffic” and @willcarling is all BlackBerry’d up (the Javelin, don’t you know), @StephenFry has seven iPhones (though don’t ask him why) and many others are talking about various Nokias…

Personally, I like the HTC Touch HD. It looks good. The functionality sounds great and it’s available on one of the two networks in the UK that I will sign a contract with (that I already have contracts with).

Yes, I’d like an iPhone, but I’d miss TomTom and it would mean a contract with a company I have no intention of signing with!! I know I could buy a ‘hacked’ iPhone from eBay, but would I really want that…? I don’t think so. So, how do I get iPhone functionality without ‘that contract’? I buy an iTouch and an HTC Touch HD. A little bit extravagant? Perhaps…but it sounds good, doesn’t it?


Last nights’ ‘Friday Night with Jonathon Ross’ featured Stephen Fry (as well as Tom Cruise and Lee Evans). During the conversation between Ross and Fry, they mentioned Twitter…the micro-blogging website. @Wossy as he’s known on Twitter and @stephenfry discussed it briefly (according to their Tweet, it was edited down). This morning the Telegraph has a feature about Twitter (http://tinyurl.com/dlnj75), and it seems a wave of new Twitterers joined the phenomenon last night.

I’ve been using Twitter for a while. I have Tiny Twitter on my Windows Mobile. I get it. Most people don’t. Well, not at first. And then comes the addiction.

This morning I’ve discovered there’s a whole new group of people and with a different agenda to their Tweets…”The Thanks for Following” crowd. They collect followers apparently…

I follow people I find interesting, or who Tweet in a funny or thought-provoking way. I follow friends because I’m interested in the friend. I don’t follow people to add numbers to my followers. Maybe I would if I were trying to compete with say @stephenfry or @wossy, but I’m not.

Twitter etiquette is going to be interesting as the number of users grow…
Here’s what one Twitter member says about his Tweeting https://www.networkworld.com/community/node/34338  

Apparently I could add my Tweets to my blog, and to my Facebook and I could promote my LinkedIn…but, I’m not really sure I want to do that. At the moment Twitter, FB and LI are different communities of contacts…friends, business associates, casual acquaintances…but not all in one place…separate, discreet communities. Am I wrong? Am I missing the point?

Never has my blog seemed so bland and empty…

I recently started to ‘Twitter’ and through the madness that is ‘Twitter’ (OK, so it’s really a recommendation by Stephen Fry) got to a blog called Alrighttit (you’ll find a handy link in my blog roll).

It’s definitely worth your time. Take a couple of hours. Grab a large coffee. Read.

You’ll understand.