3BTs – Music, Sunshine, Hard Work

1. Getting out of bed listening to my favourite play list- provides a spring to my step.

2. Even though I’m still suffering the effects of coming from 32 degress down to about 6…it’s lovely to see the bright sunshine.

3. I decided to get in the garden and dig those borders I’ve been talking about for a while. Several hours later – it’s done. Hard work, sunshine and my iPod helped to make it an enjoyable morning.

3b. More hard work to come. I went out in the afternoon to buy boxes of bulbs to plant ready for Spring…


OK, so I’ve just returned from a great holiday in Texas – the home of everything BIG…and I need to rant…(you knew I’d have to have just one little rant about something :-o).

So, here in the UK we spend a lot of time and energy complaining about the taxes imposed on us car drivers. We think through the MPG and the CO2 emissions – we have to. There are taxes on big cars, cars with high emissions and extra taxes when we drive into congested areas. We’re doing our bit as a society, aren’t we?

Well, if you think of the UK and the size of the island and imagine a bit more land attached…you’ve got Texas. The really scary bit of this is, that for every small engine we buy the Texans buy another truck. Yes, domestic households buy trucks – and there are usually two per household. We’re not talking your Hyundai Tuscon or the BMW X5 – we’re talking massive trucks – Tahoes, F-350s, Tundras etc. They make the 4 x 4s in the UK look like they are minis!

The UK’s efforts are cancelled out by Texas and its truck obsession.

Women who lunch drive trucks, kids learn to drive in trucks, men drive trucks…it’s the norm. And why? Because there’s a fear of getting hit by a truck, so you buy big to make sure you’re not the smallest vehicle on the road. Wow. I’ve never really seen this before, or realised the extent of it.

Petrol here in the UK is three times more expensive than in the US – is that a place to start…?

OK rant over.

(By the way – in case you were wondering…we drove a Mini while we were there. No, not a Mini class from the rental company, but a real Mini from Mini – and at 40mpg, we were still doing our bit. Thanks to A for letting us borrow her wonderful wheels).

Post holiday jet-leg…

That’s it, the holiday is over…boo hoo. A fantastic time was had – now it’s jet lag, colder days and lots of redundancies at work, it seems. I heard through my US counterpart on the second day of the break that she and a whole bunch of others had been let go…not the best start to the break.

 Nevermind. Onwards and upwards.

We shopped, and dropped. We swam, we drank, we golfed, we ate and we sunned ourselves. It was just what we needed. A HUGE THANK YOU to our hosts S & A for putting us up and putting up with us!

Back into the UK yesterday – slept a whole 12 hours last night…let’s see if there’s jet-lag later.

(More about the holiday soon…)

Local pub…

We nearly got to a new pub this week…

The Plough and Harrow…but my boss decided to go back to the “old favourite” in Binfield – the Stag and Hounds.

We did venture to the Warren in Binfield a few weeks ago and I rate it at 4.5/5. It’s not quite a 5/5 as it is a little on the pricey side for a lunchtime venue.

I’ve been there for dinner before now…it was fabby.

The last working day is done…

well, until two weeks from now.

Why is it that the last day is the worst of them all? Friday felt like I was in a boxing ring being punched from corner to corner. One blow after another without a break. Every time I tried to run for cover or put up my hands to block, another one hits me straight in the face.

I was the last to leave the office and was fighting the tears as I left, not through some sense of loss at being my last day for a while, but because the day had drained my energy. I was low. On the way home, I got a phonecall which just added to that sense of doom.

I plodded my way around Sainsburys in a bit of a daze – managed to come home with cat food, milk and a few other random things – but I wasn’t really there. At home, I tried to do the organised thing and push all work thoughts from my head, but didn’t succeed very well. I’m pleased to say I didn’t pour myself into a bottle, nor did I take it out on the housework (which is what I should have done) but I sat there, trying not to let my brain explode with “what ifs, if buts, and should’ve, could’ve, would’ves.”

Today is another day.  It’s been a bit easier. I’m still very sad. But, I need to wash, iron, pack, tidy and get organised for the holiday. I’m also going to go for a run later to destress.

Tomorrow, I’m going to meet friends for coffee, play golf and then take the cats to their foster home for 10 days. Fingers crossed no disasters, no more stress and no work.

3BTs – Anticipation, lists, and countdown

There’s a bit of a theme here:

1. Anticipation – pure and simple – for something that’s just outside my reach (for today anyway).

2. Making lists of things to take with me on holiday and things to do before I go…cat sitters, light timers, cancel the veg man, put out the bins etc.

3. Counting down to the holiday…two working days four sleeps to go. And with the usual “this time next week” comments for good measure.

Burning bridges

There’s always a lot of talk about people burning bridges. Today I’ve had my eyes opened to this in quite a big way. I’ve heard through a long-lost contact about a previous employer and some of the things that have been done since we left a former company. It’s amazing that people burn bridges in a big way… The old colleague of mine (long-lost contact) will never work for this previous employer again…because of professional integrity or rather the lack of it.

We’ve had an example of that here recently. And it amazes me still. We can all work together harmoniously, but people forget that when they leave…and say the strangest things about former colleagues to other people, thinking they won’t find out? Or maybe hoping it will do them some professional damage…? You have to wonder about that.


It’s been a while since I last wrote on here – life just got busy. If it’s not something to do with work, then it’s running or getting away from work to have some fun.

Running is going well, although I finally took AJ’s advice and went to see the asthma clinic about the wheezing. It’s back. After seven/eight years without an inhaler, doing quite nicely, I have asthma again. Peak flow = terrible. Back to the preventer twice a day (not as bad as last time) and then the blue one for emergencies or before I run. It actually explains quite a lot about my running – all that pain and discomfort during the colder days running outside…where I thought it was just getting used to something non-airconditioned… 

 I went back to the gym this week after a three-month break and it was bizarre going back. All very normal in the gym – but it was weird for me. I got quite used to being outside…but with the colder days and dark evenings – I don’t like running on my own, so the gym is a must. I’ll still try to run (outside) at the weekend though – avoiding mud obviously 😉

Monday next week sees the start of a two week break…we’re off to see friends in Houston for most of the time. I’m really looking forward to it. I think time off is really needed right now – especially with all the rubbish that’s been going on at work for the past few months. We’re going to spend time relaxing, swimming, running, shopping, doing the tourist thing, shopping, golf, shopping and did I mention, shopping?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had some good time with some good friends – which has been lovely. Out for dinner and golf with them – which is a laugh on one hand, and really good fun on the other. I played a round of 9-holes on Sunday with two other ladies – which was great. The first time I’ve played golf with other girls. Both have played a lot less golf than me outside the range – so it was interesting for them. Play was slow, but improved as we progressed around the course. A few more Sundays with sunshine, no rain and we’ll all be doing great. Can’t wait for the next round!

I did manage to lose four balls though…! Not because I hit bad shots, but because the yellow golf balls I play will get lost in the yellow leaves that are falling from the trees. I think for the winter, at least, I need very deep pink or white golf balls…