The finer things in life

Recently, BF and I enjoyed a bottle of vintage Bollinger. It’s not the first time we’ve had it, nor will it be the last, but this one was just so well appreciated. The bottle is the typical “Grande Annee” styling, but it’s sold in a presentation box together with two “Bollinger Champagne” engraved Riedel champagne flutes. We’ve been fans for Riedel for a few years, so loved the idea of having new champagne flutes. Unlike the traditional flutes available these Bollinger Riedel glasses are more “tulip” in design – to hold the bubbles, keep the wine cool and to allow you to savour the aroma as you drink.

Riedel’s glasses are not cheap. They have a range which accommodates most grape varieties i.e. there’s one glass type for sauvignon blanc, and another for chardonnay etc. think of a wine type and there’s likely to be a glass to suit. And they are not available on every home store’s shelves. But, they are worth buying, especially if you enjoy your wines.

I was very surprised to find that the Bolly flutes are available as a pair for £17.99! Fantastic.