Orange Broadband, No Thanks

My broadband service has gone down. The computer is connected to the router and the router shows ADSL connection, but no Internet. My ISP is Orange. I have been happy (ish) with the service, if you don’t count the issues with the LiveBox – until now.

I called customer services and reached Angela – a very nice, polite, but heavily accented lady in India. 40 minutes later we have battled through the script and got to the point where Angela decided it was not an Orange issue, but a problem with my Linksys router. “before we can test the line, we need you to call Cisco about a possible fault with your router”. Hmmm. My boyfriend is a geek. We know it is not a router issue. But I hung up, waited 10 mins, had a cup of tea and called back.

Round two:
Hassan (apologies, didn’t actually understand the name of) the new cust servs guy. 40 mins later, again we have been through the script (despite my insistance that Angela told me to phone requesting a line test) and he tells me to call Cisco…when I said been there, done that he said (frantically flicking pages) “then we need you to call Microsoft, it is a broswer problem”.

Despite my anger I giggled at his lack of knowledge. I explained I knew it was nothing to do with the browser on my pc, iPod Touch, laptop or Wii. Finally, after over an hour, he tested the line. And, you’ll never guess, there’s a fault on the line. all that time to tell me something I already know.

Apparently an engineer will call me on Saturday. What use is that to me? Two laptops, a pc, a Wii, the Touch, AirportExpress (two of them) are all without connectivity. Aaaaaaaaargh.

Time to switch? Perhaps. I read comments on Orange Problems and now I wonder if Saturday was a good solution/suggestion from Orange. We shall see. Thank goodness for the end of my contract!



I’ve been feeling tired for a while now. Quite a while actually. I thought it was just a combination of starting a new job, getting used to the long commute, and the elements of stress that seem to plague my every day and now I’m not so sure.

I’ve never been good at sleeping. I can easily fall asleep, but never stay asleep all night. My mum, gran and uncles are the same. (My sister breaks the mould though). At the weekend I take a sleeping pill so that I ‘catch’ up a little bit and try to decrease the sleep deficit. But, why am I still so tired?

Yesterday, something happened that made me think about my health. And without wanting to sound like a complete hypochondriac, I think I’m anaemic. 

Add to that the fact I’ve been monitoring my food recently and yesterday only consumed 990 calories, I’m not really helping myself.

It’s time to rethink my nutritional plan & the way I do things to pull me out of this (hypochondriac speaking here) unhealthy, unwell phase in life. First things first – get to grips with the diet. Stop eating cereal when you can’t be bothered cooking anything or using lack of time as an excuse. Plan menus for a week in advance and stick to it. NO PROCESSED FOODS AT ALL. Oh, and live a little. 

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Another week, a tiring one

The past couple of weeks have been tiring. I’m not sleeping. There’s no other excuse, I’m just not catching up and so the sleep deficit grows.

Boyfriend had surgery this week. It was a pretty quick operation that turned out to be a mix of extremely hi-tech and really low tech. The operation was carried out under general anaesthetic – which he didn’t respond very well to. The procedure, however, went very well. It was over within a matter of minutes. Keyhole surgery into the knee using a camera – we have the photos to prove it…and a big black marker. ‘X-marks the spot’ – or rather – this leg.

It’s been an ok week, but the recovery from the drugs has taken a while for boyfriend, but he’s not complained. He’s just getting on with it. I’m so impressed with him not complaining or whingeing on about it. Despite feeling like utter crap, he’s just soldiered on. 

I am, however, deeply annoyed with his ex-wife. He’s not supposed to drive at the moment (yes, he had knee surgery), but she didn’t offer to bring the boys to him for this weekend. I  offered to pick them up. I drive two hours a day in my commute and to get to her house, it would mean another hour. Her reaction to the fact I would be picking them up “make sure you pick them up by 7:00pm, because I’m going out. I haven’t been out for ages”. What a complete and utter selfish piece of ****************** (fill in the blanks with whatever fits).

To add insult to injury she sent a bag of washing home for my boyfriend to do as her washing machine is broken. Call me cynical if you like, but isn’t that just a little more than convenient?

I really will have to bite my tongue more.

Oh, just one more thing. If you have to have knee surgery at all, be prepared for the utterly revolting, stomach churningly disgusting, squelching noises post op…yeeeeuch!

It’s getting louder

Today, one of the girls in the office announced she’s pregnant. I’m absolutely delighted for her. At the same time, that damn clock started ticking again. Watching her beam from ear to ear and revel in the moment, all I could hear was that clock. I could see into the future everyone cooing over the new baby, and me…detached from it all. How can you grieve for something you’ve never had? Is that what this is?

Nothing to it, just have to get on. It is what it is, right?