3bts – clothes on, news, feedback

1. Being told “sorry, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on” made me giggle this morning. The conversation was in the changing room at the gym – both of us laughed when we realised that what was meant was “I didn’t recognise you with work clothes on, rather than exercise gear”.

2. Catching up with an ex-colleague and finding out he’s happy, settled and planning a wedding later this year!

3. Getting some really positive feedback from the MD of a company I’ve been talking to. It’s a bit of an ego boost.


I’ve reached one.
What I need now is a clear path forward. That’s where it all falls apart.
I know what I want, I know it’s possible, but the road to achieve it is long and has many twists and turns in it.

In the short term, what do I do? Is the long term vision actually achievable for someone in my situation?

Answers on a post-card (yes, I know this is rather cryptic, but you never know who’s listening in).

Dentist update

So, everyone knows that NHS dentists are few and far between…and I’ve spoken to a few people today who just don’t go [to any dentist] because private dentists cost too much…how do we get treatment without having to sell a kidney to pay for it?

Years ago I had dental insurance – but no longer. The company I was with sold off their business and then it seemed to just die off. For those that have dental – it’s often limited in what it covers. I’m now curious about whether it would be worth it…

Today I had my tooth fixed – a fix that may or may not last. The dentist can give me no assurances – as there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. The problem exists as a result of some shoddy dentist work when I was at school (!)… What are my options?
1) Keep having those bottom teeth fixed everytime the chips happen
2) More drastic – braces for two years and then implants.

The price tag for the drastic fix is nearly £10,000. The other fix is £150 a pop.

As I said yesterday, it’s the pricing that hurts.

I now have to think long and hard about that and where I would find that kind of money.


One bad thing that happened this weekend is that I broke a tooth. Not just a small unobvious chip (which I so regularly do), but a chunk. From my front teeth. Gone. What’s left behind is a jaggedy, raggedy edge which my tongue seeks out at every moment! Aaaaaaaargh, horrible. Of course, it’s the weekend, so I can’t just go visit the dentist…I have to wait.

Thankfully, I like my dentist. She’s great. I’ve been with her practice for about 8 years. She doesn’t scare me. Going to the dentist doesn’t scare me. It’s just the price that scares me!

So, tomorrow, I’ll call Maggie and Becca for an appointment. When I get the appointment, I fully expect Becca to tell me that I need a set of veneers for my chipped and broken bottom teeth.

Ouch – my wallet hurts, not my teeth.

My birthday…

…has been and gone for another year, but the celebrations continue…

Tomorrow I’ll be joined by some close friends for dinner at a local restaurant and then onto a club for some dancing. I’m really looking forward to it.

Last night b/f and I had a very fun evening – eating, drinking, listening to music (trying to play it on an electric guitar!), and generally having a laught. The day at work was ok – I ate far too much bad stuff, but it was all in the name of my birthday!

How things are changing though…I got:

13 “traditional” birthday cards – which are lovely (although one of them can’t actually be seen by anyone else – a custom http://www.moonpig.com card)

7 “text” birthday wishes

4 eCards

2 email birthday wishes

5 messages on http://www.facebook.com

And too many phonecalls to count…

All in all a lovely day that so many people remembered, but how different our society is today!

Use of the English language

I’m not the most eloquent person in the world. I don’t claim to be an expert on the English language or its grammar, but I know when something is wrong. Here’s an example of “type and click” emailing and why we should all review what we’ve written in the context of who we are writing to, and what the objective of the email is*

‘Good morning to you – I just wanted to advise you with regards a meeting that Bob and I had yesterday with James. James is currently dealing with John Doe at Simpleton with regards your SuperDuper application and we met on the back of some earlier conversations we had last year. The company that James works for also has SmallTalk expertise and I thought that it may be advantageous for you to meet with him when he is next in YourVille such that he may be able to assist you in the project that you currently have on the go.’

It’s just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Knowing it went to a customer….aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
*Names were changed to protect the innocent 😉