I’m still waiting…

I remortgaged in November. Just around the same time that I was made redundant, I got notification that my mortgage had completed. I breathed a sigh of relief. It all went through during the middle of the month. 

So, here are the events of the last few weeks. Having paid up a full month in advance, and then settled the mortgage in full, I expected to receive my interest back for the days ‘unused’. 

I called to find out why I had not reiceved anything only to be told that there had been no ‘redemption’ as such but an ‘overpayment’. After much discussion I was assured the mistake would be correct and that I would receive a payment within 10-days.

10 days came and went. No payment. I called again. I was again told that the money was received as an overpayment and that my mortgage account was closed on the 2 December – the day another mortgage payment would have been due – therefore ‘no repayment to you is necessary’.


I called the conveyancing solicitor who sent me a copy of the letter to advice of ‘redemption’. It states clearly across the top, in the subject line and twice in the body of the letter ‘REDEMPTION’.

So, how could C & G make such a mistake? Why do they think it’s right that I’ve now paid three months mortgage to two different lenders in two months?

And, why do they think I’ll just drop it? Because it’s a credit crunch and the banks are suffering? Well, what about those of us who have lost our jobs?

Rant over.