3bts – cuddles, tea, puddy tats

I haven’t 3bt’d for a while. It’s just not been a great time for it. Life got a bit stressful on the 25th August, but now I’m hoping things are changing – for the better. Here’s my first 3bt of 2009…

1. Getting a cuddle from my step sons before they go to bed. The small one sits on my knee and pats my back as he squeezes me.

2. A cup of refreshing tea, made and drunk while we chat about Twitter and the things people say… 

3. Coming home after a long day out to find both puddy tats waiting for some attention from me. Now, the smallest sits behind my right shoulder, her paws resting on me.

3bts – sunshine, break, and stress-free

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 3bts…so, bear with me a little bit longer…but here’s an attempt!

  1. An unexpected sunny day in October and spending it with my sis walking around Avebury
  2. Getting to spend quality time with someone special after a break – and realising how much you missed them.
  3. The fantastic atmosphere at the concert blows away all negative thoughts and stresses. Yay!

3BTs – photos, first, sunshine

  1. At a party on Saturday BF and I took approximately 200 photos of everything and everyone. I had a great time looking through them, deciding which to send to others, which to delete etc. But, most of all seeing the very different facial expressions.
  2. My first rose appeared this morning – not quite unfurled, but just bursting with colour and perfume. Gorgeous Blue Moon – with more buds to burst in the coming weeks I will watch as the garden explodes in shades of pink and purple.
  3. I love driving to work with the roof down on days where the sun is shining bright from the moment I step out of my front door. It might not actually be warm (it was a chilly 15 degrees in the car), but it’s still the best way to wake up!

3BTs – airport, pink, and technology in action

  1. Anticipating seeing someone. I have to pick someone special up from the airport later.
  2. Pinks in bloom in my garden. Recently planted, the pinks are starting to show their colours, release their perfume and decorate my previously dull garden.
  3. Ah, the joys of a ‘Multipoint’ headset! Carrying two mobile phones just got a lot less painful thanks to Jabra

3BTs – Pinks, Gentle Surprise, Busy

  1. The satisfaction of planting Purple Pixies, Fatheads, Pinks, Blue Moons, and other flowering shrubs in my garden to make it look more colourful and smell more fragrant and hearing that I’ve planted some wonderful things (from someone older and wiser).
  2. Holding a four week old baby in my arms and seeing how gentle a five year old (normally a very boisterous little boy) reacts toward the tiny baby.
  3. Laughter, chitter-chatter of voices, and the satisfying hum generated by a house / garden full of people yesterday.

3BTs – Gran, wet & dry, surprise!

  1. Hearing that my Gran is having a good time “on holiday” while my parents have a well-earned rest too. She’s been visited by family members from far and wide – something that doesn’t happen too often when she’s in Scotland.
  2. Planning for a holiday with BF and his children. Agreeing things to take to amuse both of us and the boys and having both wet and dry weather options! It reminds me of going on holiday when I was a child…
  3. Agreeing birthday surprises with a friend’s husband before the day.

3bts – light, sunshine, buzz

1. Though it’s never great to chop a healthy tree down, today I had a tree taken down that was dangerously close to my house, my neighbour’s house and both houses bathroom windows. I discovered my bathroom is so much brighter now – and I’m glad I painted it white. It’s a light room.

2. Stepping out of the office at lunchtime to rush home (for the above tree issue) and finding the sunshine warm and bright. I’ve returned to the office feeling very sunny myself!

3. There’s a bit of a buzz going on today and it’s very different to the normal atmosphere at work. All very good and positive!

3bts – prediction, a boy and oh wait, a girl

1. Debating with a friend over a lunch date…”You won’t be here on Monday, you’ll be delivering your baby” – I said confidently. My friend insisted she would be here at 12:30 to have lunch. When she didn’t get here I smiled and wished her the best for a safe delivery.

2. A little baby boy was born later that same day – he’s absolutely gorgeous! Baby H as he is currently known…

2a. Doing a ring-around the girls from WW, as requested, and hearing lots of excited ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at the end of the phone.

3. I ‘facebooked’ another friend to let her know about Baby H’s safe arrival only to hear that she has delivered a baby girl a few days earlier than expected…!

Congratulations to both sets of parents!

3bts – Seamless, boutique, haze

1. Good customer service from the people I bought my car from and who also service it. A seamless process from making a service appointment, to dropping the car this morning, being driven to my office, picked up again, paying for the car and finding everything shiny, clean and tidy. Ah yes, you really do get what you pay for – but it’s so worth it not to have any hassle.

2. Finding a boutique hotel that panders to your desires.

3. This morning it rained, which when I first peeked through the windows disappointed me. Realising the rain had stopped and that there was a haze all around delighted me remembering my grandad saying “the sun will burn this off in no time at all”. I like the idea of the sun buring the haze away…