3BTS – Flowerpots, deck chairs and ironing (yes ironing)

1> Today, for the first time since I bought the house, I planted some flowers. I bought new, lovely display flowerpots and filled them with a selection of bedding plants. Despite the instructions, I did plant in the heat of the day, as I don’t think I can get away from it today! I also planted the hanging basket at the front of the house. It now hangs at the front door – looking a little less neglected than since I moved in!

2> I got the deckchairs out today. Distinctly retro, but comfy and cool! Neo sits under the deckchair as I read my magazine. He likes the shade.

3> I got through my ironing this weekend and as though that wasn’t enough, I asked “I” if he needed any doing… It’s all done. (Actually, I should say that doing the ironing gives me an excuse to watch ‘chick flicks’ and it’s fab. Still happy to have gotten through it all).

Recycling (old topic)

I took my recycling into the village earlier. I loaded up my little roadster, put the roof down, radio on and drove the two miles to the village centre. As usual on a Sunday the site is starting to overflow. I started to wonder whether anyone other than me emails / complains to the council and just at that point a council van turns up. A nice man – out doing his rounds. His job is to remove all the “non recyclable stuff” that gets dumped everyday. Today’s collect resulted in an old TV, two matresses and various components from a pc! He said its a regular occurance and for him – it’s just a nuisance. He’s there to report on any sites that need emptying… He checks everyday – that’s his job. And sometimes they are emptied on a Saturday only to be full again on Sunday. It seems my little village is full of keen recycling people.

So, I’m keen to take back my previous rant. He’s a nice guy – just trying to do his job.