Low blood pressure strikes wobbly

Hmmm…this is now getting silly. 75/47 was the low point, if you’ll pardon the pun. Today, I’m ok and at work with a reasonable 87/53 or that’s what it was…

Eek. I exercised quite a lot on Monday and then Tuesday was faced with low, low, low blood pressure. Did no exercise Tuesday as I was too wobbly (actually I just wanted to lie down, so that I didn’t feel as though I would fall over). And Wednesday, I also did no exercise…for the same reason.

This is just silly. But, I now understand the pattern. It’s all to do with times of the month, stress and fatigue. Hmmm. Must sleep more. Hmmm. Must go to bed early. Hmmm. Must rid life of stress…(yah, like that’s going to be easy???)


Chronic Hypotension

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been suffering with the above…I know I have bouts of particularly low pressure, but recently it’s been persistently low. There’s probably a pattern to it, but I can’t quite get to the bottom of it. It usually doesn’t bother me too much – between BF and I we refer to it as “being wobbly” – I get up and stumble or I wobble on my legs a little after standing, but…recently…

1. Wobbling while sitting down…not good -BP 84/51

2. Wobbling while trying to tee off at the ninth (the boys were ready to catch me, even though I was determined to make the shot!) – BP not known (I was on a golf course)

3. Wobbling backwards trying to stand up – BP 88/54

4. Wobbling while playing Wii Sports – BP 103/58

What it has meant is that I’ve also not attempted Body Step or Body Attack – I don’t think I could actually cope with either… Today, I’m heading to the gym to try for a Body Step class – I’m not wobbly and I’ve been making sure I keep my water up…but I’m not sure how I’ll do! I will keep you posted…

Some people have suggested I take an iron supplement, others have muted that I don’t eat enough carbs, and some have suggested I do the wrong type of exercise…

Any suggestions…?