Back to reality

My last entry was July – an awful long time ago… The trip to New Orleans went well. A week of hard work, lots of drinking, live music, but very little sleep.

Back to the office for a week or two and then some vacation time. North Yorkshire with the boys. Fantastic cliffs, caves, rock pools and beaches. Take one funny ‘Vicar of Dibley’ moment (think puddle) mix with two little boys and the North sea and let the giggles begin.

I managed to run along the cliff tops without too much in the way of asthma and we all caught up on some much needed sleep.

We also had an averted emergency after I got dive-bombed and stung by a wasp while walking at the end of Filey Brigg. Thankfully, quick-thinking, inhalers and antihistamines prevented a trip in a coast guard helicopter to the nearest A &E…though I think the boys were disappointed.

Back to work and reality with a bump. After my promotion in July I am busy re cruiting another member for my team. I have redone the corporate budget for FY10. We are planning for last quarter of this year and I have remained diplomatic despite trying people, time, and situations.

Reality. Bump. Ouch.