It’s still raining

With much of the country suffering extensive flooding, I really have no right to complain about the end of my run being affected by a downpour…but…
We completed another day of our training today. The run was pretty good albeit rather cold out there. My jacket was unzipped during the run, but that was it. It wasn’t warm enough. The consequence of the cold air meant that my lungs and breathing suffered…but I made it round without too many problems. The ‘brisk walk’ back turned into a bit of a run to escape the downpour… Oooh, running in the rain is not for me. It’s cold, it’s wet (funny that), and it gets a wee bit slippery under foot.

Max heartrate was higher today. Min heartrate was also higher…

3BTs – iPod, coffee, and parties

1. Driving very fast with a specially prepared playlist on the iPOD. Better than mix tapes were in the 70s and 80s.
2. That first (and for me the only) cup of coffee in the day. The taste, bitter, but smooth, refreshing and warming.
3. Organising a party for someone special. The excitement of preparing the guest list, the ideas for food and drink and the agenda for the day.

Turning point?

Two days of meetings.

CEO visiting. New VP in town. Sales meeting.


That’s been the name of the game since Monday am. Now it’s over. Back to normal.
What is normal? What happens from here? Have we reached a turning point? Will the agenda change at all during the next few weeks?
The CEO was quite explicit in his views and expectations. The MD seemed to feel ‘beaten up’ at the end of the day. I thought sales escaped with a slap.
Now it’s a case of taking the bull by the horns and making something of the opportunity.

I watch, eagerly awaiting the changes.