3bts – cuddles, tea, puddy tats

I haven’t 3bt’d for a while. It’s just not been a great time for it. Life got a bit stressful on the 25th August, but now I’m hoping things are changing – for the better. Here’s my first 3bt of 2009…

1. Getting a cuddle from my step sons before they go to bed. The small one sits on my knee and pats my back as he squeezes me.

2. A cup of refreshing tea, made and drunk while we chat about Twitter and the things people say… 

3. Coming home after a long day out to find both puddy tats waiting for some attention from me. Now, the smallest sits behind my right shoulder, her paws resting on me.

3bts – nostalgia, knowing looks, old friends

1. Visiting a hotel that I worked at whilst a student at a nearby university. Walking in rooms where I once worked, but where as a student, I danced at the “Breeze Block Ball”. And dancing again – this time it’s a friend’s wedding.

1b. Remembering the steps to Ceilidh dances, memories of being taught them in school and thinking they would never be useful – how wrong!

2. Walking down a corridor and passing a familiar face. We both exchange knowing looks and walk on – amused.

3. Meeting up with old friends at a wedding, catching up, dancing, chatting and celebrating the marriage of one our own…