On reaching the end of the decade

10 years ago, life was very different for me. I remember where I was and who I was with. 10 years ago, it was the ‘millennium’ party. I was in the lake district with old friends, and one ‘new’ friend – my then boyfriend.

We were staying in ‘log cabins’ – well, that’s what they were advertised as – actually caravans with pine cladding on the outside – yes, the outside. That group of friends rarely see each other now. Some of the group live in faraway places. My ‘then’ boyfriend lives not too far from here (but we’re not in touch). One couple are no more – one half is now married and has a beautiful little daughter (one of my god-daughters), the other half…sadly moved away. Another couple went from one child to two – and today, as you would imagine, the children are growing  up rapidly – it’s quite scary! And one person is also now a Daddy and has two beautiful daughters. I don’t get to see as much of him, his two daughters or his lovely wife as I would like – they live in a faraway place.

The millennium party for me was about friends. It was about having a great time with people you’re comfortable with. About playing silly games, as was our tradition – anyone remember Therapy? Or Friends? what about Buffy?

Champagne corks were popped on the balcony outside – and many photos of very drunk people were taken. We even went first footing. Our cabin neighbours, very English, had no experience with the Scottish tradition – but I doubt they’ll forget S’s whisky, the black bun, or the first foot experience at the start of the new millennium.

New Year’s day saw G & I cooking the roast turkey with all the trimmings – drinking champagne and playing games. It was the last New Year’s meal that I cooked with G and for those friends. I don’t think we realised that at the time.

Tomorrow, I will be with other friends, but I’ll think of my faraway friends as we enter the new decade. G (& D), S & J, and R.

Guys, have a fantastic Hogmanay party.

Tomorrow, we’ll all make new memories, have things to remember for the next decade. I, for one,will look back at this decade and smile.

Some of the more poignant memories of the decade include:

  • IA
  • Gran
  • Ardchroskie and with it Mum & Dad
  • Zodi, Neo & Trinity
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Cyprus
  • Seattle
  • Dominican Republic
  • G, D, L & B
  • KG & AG
  • Contracts lost and won
  • Redundancy
  • New homes x 3
  • New cars x 3
  • My sister
  • DVDs & DVD recorders
  • My first iPod (and the other four I now have)
  • Broadband
  • 9/11
  • Breast cancer
  • Byte Night
  • Golf
  • S, C, L & C wherever they are
  • Being a step mum

Christmas approaches

It’s that time of year when we’re all checking our lists, to make sure we’re covered. Christmas songs play in all the shops, cars and houses. And people talk about looking forward to the break. We’ve even got snow. I don’t remember a time in my 15 years living in England that we’ve had snow the week before Christmas. It’s just bizarre.

As always at this time of year thoughts turn to friends, old and new: what’s changed, who is missing (from the Christmas card list) and why haven’t I managed to catch up with more of them. It’s always interesting to see the Christmas cards arriving – reading the news, or lack of it, and noting the words used.

I have to admit I’m struggling. Struggling with many things, but one in particular. So, if you didn’t get a card, or it arrives after Christmas, please know that I didn’t forget you. I’m just being rubbish.

My parents arrive here on Tuesday – I’m looking forward to seeing them, to catching up, to spending some time with them, BF’s parents too, and of course the boys.

If I don’t blog for a while, it’s because I’m still struggling. Bear with me. I’ll be back.