Broken teeth

A few years ago I broke a number of teeth. A visit to the dentist to have them repaired told me that unless I underwent some drastic treatment I would have no teeth left by the time I got to 50…

So, here I am 9 months into the treatment and I have braces. Yes, I’m wearing braces. OK so not the traditional train tracks, but the new brackets, clear, self ligating (oooooooooohhhh), thin wires – braces (In-Ovation C). I have had so much pain. I’ve had cuts in my mouth. I can’t eat normal food. I can’t do normal stuff. And, it hurts. A lot.

If you’re an adult contemplating braces, you need to go into it with eyes wide open. It hurts. They get in the way. They prevent full on snogging. And did I mention they hurt?

New excuses

I used to post regularly about the trouble of working with salesmen. Not about the sales chaps themselves but about the vast array of excuses they can dream up…remember the horses escaping? Or the M25 queue? etc. Well, yesterday I got insight into the mind of a salesman…

This particular chap was harping on about the lack of marketing activity, the brand being awful and how he never saw what we’re doing. (All very odd, but evidence that he doesn’t read or view any of our comms).

On his way out of the building I asked if he’d seen the marketing intranet page and all the resources available. He freely admitted he’d seen the pages, but not actually clicked on any tabs or viewed any information. Then he admitted ‘this is great’.

As he was leaving he said to a colelague

‘I have no excuse now, so that’s the point [complaining]?’

My job here is done.

Thought provoking days

Over the years we make friends, we lose friends and we have friends that always stick, no matter what.

I’ve come to appreciate that over recent years and through some of the ‘trials and tribbles’ that have gone on. I’ve lost some good friends over those times and while I miss them dearly, understand that things move on.

This week I read another blog post which sums up a lot of the thoughts I’d had. It’s written by a lovely lady – someone I’ve not seen for many years, but who will always be well thought of. I hate to think of her depressed or sad as a result of someone else’s inconsiderate words or actions.

Throwing my toys out

Work has been rather challenging recently.

I lie. That’s an understatement.

We have a particularly ‘challenging’ team of people who oppose all the suggestions, plans and activities that we make, and as a result we get the blame for lack of activity and success. It’s become very tiresome. One of this particular team, let’s call him mosquito #1, called into question my experience as a marketer. Mosquito #2 is very put out that we don’t consult him as he’s ‘the most senior member of my entire department’ (*we’ll come back to that one) and mosquito #3/ Mr Angry is just bitter or so it would seem.

I pride myself on being a reasonable, rational and non-emotional person when it comes to work, but this past few weeks I’ve struggled. Today, I’m throwing my toys out of the pram. I’ve had enough of the 3 mosquitoes and their scheming, back stabbing, unhelpful and tiresome comments.

We’re trying to change the way we market. Trying to use the new techniques, methods and latest technology to market something and change the perception of said ‘something’. Some people are so resistant to change. I don’t understand why.

I have no where to go with the issues. I’ve escalated to the head of said team, to the very top level in marketing, and to HR. It’s now being going on for over a year.  Where to now?

Time to approach the grand fromage himself.

Wish me luck. I’m hoping I can fit the toys back into the pram after today’s little outburst.

(* said mosquito believes he’s got more experience than my entire team…he’s old, but not old enough to be able to live up to that statement. I’ve got 29 people working for me. Something he neither acknowledges nor grasps).