Chronic Hypotension

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been suffering with the above…I know I have bouts of particularly low pressure, but recently it’s been persistently low. There’s probably a pattern to it, but I can’t quite get to the bottom of it. It usually doesn’t bother me too much – between BF and I we refer to it as “being wobbly” – I get up and stumble or I wobble on my legs a little after standing, but…recently…

1. Wobbling while sitting down…not good -BP 84/51

2. Wobbling while trying to tee off at the ninth (the boys were ready to catch me, even though I was determined to make the shot!) – BP not known (I was on a golf course)

3. Wobbling backwards trying to stand up – BP 88/54

4. Wobbling while playing Wii Sports – BP 103/58

What it has meant is that I’ve also not attempted Body Step or Body Attack – I don’t think I could actually cope with either… Today, I’m heading to the gym to try for a Body Step class – I’m not wobbly and I’ve been making sure I keep my water up…but I’m not sure how I’ll do! I will keep you posted…

Some people have suggested I take an iron supplement, others have muted that I don’t eat enough carbs, and some have suggested I do the wrong type of exercise…

Any suggestions…?

Wii Guitar Hero

OK so I’m hooked…

While waiting for the washing machine to finish last night I decided to play one song…40 mins later my guest arrived and the washing machine had finished but I was still playing. I’ve moved on in the songs now, but I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to compete in the EXPERT category…

Bit of an addictive game…

Wii Fit is the next target for purchase – when shops have stock again!

3bts – nostalgia, knowing looks, old friends

1. Visiting a hotel that I worked at whilst a student at a nearby university. Walking in rooms where I once worked, but where as a student, I danced at the “Breeze Block Ball”. And dancing again – this time it’s a friend’s wedding.

1b. Remembering the steps to Ceilidh dances, memories of being taught them in school and thinking they would never be useful – how wrong!

2. Walking down a corridor and passing a familiar face. We both exchange knowing looks and walk on – amused.

3. Meeting up with old friends at a wedding, catching up, dancing, chatting and celebrating the marriage of one our own…

3bts – babies, smiles, garden

1. A new baby arrives – early and I get to choose a present. I choose something lovely from

2. Having my parents to stay for a few days and finding activities to make Mum smile.

3. Coming home to find the garden has been tidied up by my mum and dad. The hedge has been trimmed, the lawn mowed and the weeding started. Now all I need is a dry hour or two to plant the new Dianthus, Clematis and the two other varieties, that I can’t quite remember the name of at the moment…

Day Trips to France

I’ve lived in the South for over 13 years and Tuesday was the first time I’d ever done a day-trip to France (not including flying in and out in one day for work). It was fabby. M & D didn’t want to get up too early, so we caught the boat at 10:05 and by lunchtime we were enjoying moule + frites in a lovely little restaurant within the medieval town walls of a town in France. It was fabulous.

The ferry trip was smooth and uneventful – it even had decent coffee on board. And the jounrey through France was great. Very little traffic, no problems and diesel for D’s car was 17% cheaper than here.

We didn’t do any shopping, we walked, ate, walked some more and just meandered our way through the old cobbled streets of the old town. Fantastic.

I’ll be doing this again – soon hopefully. But, I’ll take the earlier boat…


Love it or hate it? That’s the question.

As a movie of the “Blair Witch” type genre, it’s not something I’m particularly keen on watching too often…but, Cloverfield was great. The filming, at times, leaves you feeling a little dizzy, but the “realistic” feel from a handheld camera is fantastic for the subject matter. You’re left with questions unanswered and feeling a little uncomfortable with the “what ifs”…but it’s worth watching and it’s a short film, so easy to squeeze in on a school night! (And, just ignore the big goof at the end). I can’t tell you much about the subject matter without spoiling the film, but what I would say is watch out for the teeth.

4/5 – for the rollercoaster ride.

See…no spoilers!

King Tut’s Exhibition in London

My parents are in town for a few days…just a few days. While they’ve been here we’ve had various outings and done lots of stuff including eating lots and lots.

One of our trips was to the O2 to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition. I’ve been to Egypt, to Cairo & Giza and I’ve been to the Egyptian museum, so I’ve seen the mask (which isn’t here) and I’ve seen a lot of the treasures before…but Mum hasn’t. She really wanted to see everything. I had heard the exhibition was a bit of a let down, but nothing prepared me for the disappointment we both felt.

The O2 is a fantastic venue. Having been previously for concerts, I had high expectations for the organisation, the layout, the way in which the exhibits would be displayed, but even the O2 failed to impress.

The over-crowding in the exhibition is terrible. You’re ushered into the first room with a large group to watch the intro film and then you pile into the second room and hey presto it’s still full of the previous people, plus everyone from your group. On the day we went it was full of school parties – which made the problem a thousand times worse. The exhibits, for the most part, are at a height so that kids can see – which means when there’s a party of kids in front of the exhibit, adults have no chance of seeing anything. Their teachers were brillant at keeping the kids moving, but when there are three school groups in one room it’s unmanageable. You would think the O2 would have organised things for school parties in a better way.

Most of the rooms are dedicated to Amenothep (Akhenaten) not King Tut – it’s only the final three rooms that contain his treasures. This too is a bit of a disappointment – the last three rooms contain some spectacular items, but even these do no make up for the overall unimpressive exhibit.

Would I go again? Certainly not. Would my mother go again, absolutely not.

Oh, and a word of warning for those of you with children – you can’t avoid the gift shop, but do try. It’s tacky and tasteless, but your kids with love it. Worst of all, it’s very expensive.


3bts – one of the best, not alone, good working

I understand that the three items below don’t actually complement each other…so, no rude comments please 😉

1. Being told that my carrot cake is “right up there” because it’s so “moist and yummy”.

2. One of my gym instructors is 45 (but doesn’t look a day over 30) and it was good to hear that occassionally she finds the advanced hi-intensity classes a struggle.

3. Finding out that another gym instructor works off an amazing 800 calories in the one hour “Body Step” class we do. (I average about 1400 – but we’ll check that with the new HRM when it arrives).

Wii Sports

How much fun?

I never thought a video game would get so many people up and laughing (or sweating) as this one does. We’ve played it with people as young as 5, right up to people into their 60s. It’s fantastic. Whether you’re tee’ing off for 9-holes or having a boxing match, it gets everyone’s attention.

Since we got the Wii we’ve been doing the Wii Fitness test that is part of the package…It’s turning out to be really funny. I can guess (more or less within a few numbers) what my “Wii Fitness Age” will be based on which sporting activities I get as part of the test. Is it really an indication of how fit a person is – nope, not in my view. It’s more an indication of how well you know how to play the games e.g. if I get baseball, I know it’s a disaster and my Wii Fitness age goes up into the 60s – if I get bowling, golf or tennis, I’m in the 20s. It’s really good fun though…

At the weekend BF and I played with his two sons (5 and 7 years) – they loved it…but, don’t get in the 7-year old’s way when he’s playing a game. He puts his whole body into hitting the ball, hitting his opponent or swinging to get a strike in bowling.

Interactive play on a video game? Bring it on! (And I’m not competitive!).

The One and Only…

“Jo’s Carrot Cake”

I have promised several times to add this recipe here, so, to fulfill that promise here goes…

2 cups finely grated carrot
2 medium eggs
1 cup sugar (the recipe doesn’t state what kind, but I always use soft brown)
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/4 cup plain flour
2 tsp mixed spice
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
pinch salt (if desired)
optional: 3/4 cup sultanas/raisins

Prep time:20 mins
Cooking time: 30-45 mins
Makes: 16 squares
WW Points Per square (without frosting): 4.5pts

Prepare a square baking tin – non – stick is best.

Beat eggs, sugar oil and vanilla together in a large mixing bowl until it’s well combined and looks like a rather thick glue! Add the sieved dry ingredients and fold in – mixing as little as possible – just keep folding. Then add carrots and sultanas (if using them) and again fold in – mixing as little as possible.

Pour into your prepared tin and bake in a moderate oven 170-180 C for 30-45 mins.
Leave to cool in the tin.

If you wish to add frosting, the following recipe works really well, but makes a very runny frosting. if you prefer something more solid, use more icing sugar.

225g full fat soft cheese (though I always use lower fat)
65g butter (room temperature)
400g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cream the cheese and butter until combined – add the icing sugar and vanilla and beat until smooth.
Yum…but WW points…? Forget it – this is not going to fit on any kind of Points or Core plan…!