Film Review: The Reader

I have ‘read’ the book. I have seen the film.

Do either, do both, but, get involved.

I saw the movie on my flight back from Seattle. It’s possibly not as great as the book, but still a very good film. Kate Winslet is compelling as Hannah. The book had more of an impact on me, but the film left me realing.

4/5 – well worth it.


Sing-along-Mamma Mia

OK so not everyone’s cup of tea, but what a laugh. On Christmas Eve the cinema was hardly packed, but sing-a-long we did. With tickets at £2 a pop, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours winding down ready for Santa to arrive.

I was a little shocked that there were small children there too…Hmmm…what’s that about?

When I was a small child, I couldn’t wait for bedtime to arrive so that I could fall asleep early, waiting for the noise of sleigh bells…

Quantum of Solace

4.5/5 – into the action from the get go.

Not quite as good as Casino Royale, but still very, very good. From the opening scene, in an Aston, to the final moments before the credits, you’re on a rollercoaster. Daniel Craig’s Bond is just nasty. He’s not Mr Niceguy, there are no gadgets, no gizmos and no infill. It’s action. He’s nasty. And it’s good.

I want to see it again. On a big screen.

More Films

1. Juno – 3.5/5

Don’t think about this one too much. Watch it for a laugh, without BF in tow. It’s a chick flick. A good laugh for an hour or so. The main character – Juno – is very funny. I look forward to seeing the actress take on different roles in the future.

2. 27 Dresses – 3.5/5

Katherine Heigl in another chickflick/comedy about a girl who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. A very predictable storyline unfolds as the film prgresses. Like the earlier film, it’s a chick flick (sense a theme here…?). Another where you leave the BF at home, disengage brain, and just laugh.

3. Tin Cup – 4/5

Kostner & Russo in a movie about playing golf. It’s worth watching for a laugh, to see Kostner hit those shots, to see the familiar golf pros of today, as fresh-faced golfers of yesterday and because…yes, just because.

SemiPro (I think that’s what it was called)

Billed as a comedy with Will Ferrell as it’s leading man…I would recommend you avoid this film. I thought it would be ‘ok’ as an entertaining laugh…I fell asleep, probably somewhere in the first half hour. I also read the Radio Times, and competed some of the puzzles at the back of the magazine before I fell asleep – the film was that good.

The rating:

0/5 – avoid…seriously.


Recently, I’ve seen a number of films at the cinema. Here are my views:

Wanted – 4/5

Bit of a rollercoaster ride with lots of action and unbelievable stories. A good watch on the big screen – not sure how well it will translate to the TV screen at home.

Mamma Mia – 3/5

What can I say? This is such a funny film. Beware, it’s a chick flick, so guys, just don’t bother. Ladies be warned, your views of Pierce Brosnan may change once you hear him sing. Overall, a real giggle.

Hancock – 3/5

Hmmm. For the first hour, this is hilariously funny, to the point that the cinema audience is laughing out loud. Then, not sure why, but the tempo changes, as does the storyline and it’s as though someone has taken two completely different plots and glued them together – unsuccessfully. Wil Smith as the drunk super hero is fantastic – a good DVD to rent if you want to laugh, and you’re prepared for the shift half way through.

Sex and the City – Reviewed by…?

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day in the house (mainly due to a series of very late nights and BF having a bad cold). I ventured into the village and bought the Sunday papers – the Independent on Sunday (IoS) being the main one. I haven’t seen Sex and the City, the movie, yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a girl thing…right? So, why did the IoS allow a man to review it? His words were empty and void of anything that hinted at a spark of interest in the film. He, it seems, was coerced into watching it against his will. He’s so anti-Sex and the City that it was a ridiculous read. It’s not a man’s film. The series was not aimed at men – so why let a man review it? Why do men bother watching if they know they are not interested? 

This morning (and for many days now) “The OC” (on Virgin Radio) has warned against men watching the film because “everytime a man watches it a little piece of him dies”. So, don’t go!! It’s easy as that. I loathe war films (ALL WAR FILMS), do I go to watch them? No – wouldn’t waste my money…so, if you don’t like the idea of Sex and the City, don’t waste yours. Let the rest of us go and enjoy it without listening to you “tutting” all the way through…


Love it or hate it? That’s the question.

As a movie of the “Blair Witch” type genre, it’s not something I’m particularly keen on watching too often…but, Cloverfield was great. The filming, at times, leaves you feeling a little dizzy, but the “realistic” feel from a handheld camera is fantastic for the subject matter. You’re left with questions unanswered and feeling a little uncomfortable with the “what ifs”…but it’s worth watching and it’s a short film, so easy to squeeze in on a school night! (And, just ignore the big goof at the end). I can’t tell you much about the subject matter without spoiling the film, but what I would say is watch out for the teeth.

4/5 – for the rollercoaster ride.

See…no spoilers!