Digging in the garden…

Today I made a start.

My garden is a mess…so I went out this morning and bought a new garden fork. And, five minutes after turning over a new ‘border’ on the right of my lawn (cough, cough..moss, weed, ants nests and grass a lawn does not make!)…Well, I turned over a bit of the border and to my shock I bent the fork – one of the prongs.  It’s five minutes old and it’s bent. Useless. Unworkable. Stupid piece of cheap metal.

 Of course, I shall never live it down. My parents will tell me that I should have bought something more sturdy. Or, with a brand name. But..what the heck. Never, ever buy anything functional from the basics or value ranges!!

Now, the fork rests where it landed. Bent, broken and abandoned.

So much for the borders…next weekend, maybe!