Internet shopping

I do it quite a lot. Groceries, appliances, DVDs, clothes, gifts and shoes…and, and, and…

This week I’ve had the ultimate disappointment. First, I placed an order with a big UK retailer – I won’t name and shame them, well, not quite yet. They cancelled part of my order the very next day. Without explanation. Then, in what looked like a positive move, I got a text offering me three options for delivery. I chose Monday (today, 12th July) – and was informed that delivery would be between 7am and 7pm. I worked from home. At 2pm I got another text to say that delivery would arrive between 5 and 7pm.

9pm arrived. The doorbell rang. One woman, one van, one dog and no apology. It took three of us to carry the item into the house. She left. We unpacked it. It’s damaged and doesn’t work.

Home Delivery Network is appalling.

We’ll see what the retailer has to say tomorrow when I reach customer services. Then, I’ll name and shame.

I want them to come pick up the item, and provide me with a full refund, plus an day’s consultancy fee for the fact I was at home today. That will be £1500.00 please (well, it turned into a 14 hour day – so let’s be realistic about it).


Bon Jovi gigs at the O2

This year I saw Bon Jovi play the O2 – twice. the first gig was fantastic – I enjoyed every minute of it, but missed hearing some of my favourite songs. The second gig however, was 27 of their greatest songs ever. It was amazing.

Jon, no matter what he does still rocks out like a 20-something guy playing in a band with his buddies. They make it look so easy. They are well-rehearsed, well-coordinated and seem to have fun.

The last night of their residence at the O2 was superb. It was like they didn’t want the night to end. They played a five song encore and carried on rocking, way beyond the ‘acceptable’ 11:00pm curfew. And the crowd loved it.

Will I buy their next album? Probably.

Will I attend any of their next UK gigs? Definitely.

There’s nothing like hearing Blood on Blood, Bed of Roses, and These Arms in one night.

Happy Birthday Kaiko

Tomorrow, 9th July, it’s the birthday of a very special little girl and I’m unable to celebrate with her, or wish her a very Happy Birthday. So, I’ll blog about her. Tomorrow she’ll be 11 yrs old. I remember meeting her for the first time – a screaming baby, in a car seat, carried by a Dad who was not confident with the screaming child. She and I became friends.

It’s four years since I last saw her, but I think of her often. Such a special girl. She’ll always have a place in my heart.

I can only hope that she remembers me, and remembers the fun, the laughs and the good times.

Miss K Kaiko, I miss you kiddo. Happy Birthday.

I blogged about being a step parent previously here –