Film Review: The Reader

I have ‘read’ the book. I have seen the film.

Do either, do both, but, get involved.

I saw the movie on my flight back from Seattle. It’s possibly not as great as the book, but still a very good film. Kate Winslet is compelling as Hannah. The book had more of an impact on me, but the film left me realing.

4/5 – well worth it.


Sing-along-Mamma Mia

OK so not everyone’s cup of tea, but what a laugh. On Christmas Eve the cinema was hardly packed, but sing-a-long we did. With tickets at £2 a pop, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours winding down ready for Santa to arrive.

I was a little shocked that there were small children there too…Hmmm…what’s that about?

When I was a small child, I couldn’t wait for bedtime to arrive so that I could fall asleep early, waiting for the noise of sleigh bells…


Love it or hate it? That’s the question.

As a movie of the “Blair Witch” type genre, it’s not something I’m particularly keen on watching too often…but, Cloverfield was great. The filming, at times, leaves you feeling a little dizzy, but the “realistic” feel from a handheld camera is fantastic for the subject matter. You’re left with questions unanswered and feeling a little uncomfortable with the “what ifs”…but it’s worth watching and it’s a short film, so easy to squeeze in on a school night! (And, just ignore the big goof at the end). I can’t tell you much about the subject matter without spoiling the film, but what I would say is watch out for the teeth.

4/5 – for the rollercoaster ride.

See…no spoilers!