Business travel

I am currently sitting on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to New Orleans, where I will spend six days. I left my house in Surrey at 0740 this morning for T3.

I have never been a fan of British Airways, preferring Virgin Atlantic for transatlantic flights, but today’s travel with American changed my opinion. my colleague RP and I had opted for the cheap ticket option – American – and about 20 mins into the flight regretted the decision.

Maybe it is just us, spoiled by years of flying BA or Virgin, but with a ticket costing over £700 I don’t expect to have to pay for my G & T. Or wine with ‘dinner’. But American flights are different.

I won’t do this in a hurry again. Why would you?


Seattle Trip

I recently returned from a trip to Redmond (Seattle) home of Microsoft. the business part of the trip was ok, as they go. A little frustrating in places, a bit of a giggle in others and tiring all the way through. That coupled with a complete nightmare scenario with my bank freezing my accounts (‘there has been a fraudulent attempt to withdraw cash in Seattle’…) and I was ready for a weekend with some dear friends in Seattle.

Ballard was wonderful. Sunshine, smiling faces, wonderful news, and the new family member L. meant the weekend got off to a great start. I don’t get to see friends often enough – and certainly not the faraway friends. Work gets in the way. And for a while many other things have gotten in the way. But, two days with the W. family in Seattle showed that across the miles friendships survive.

I got to spend time with little L. – who is just adorable. And to listen to stories, chat, and just mull over life while enjoying the sun, great food, wine and being in relaxed company. I didn’t want to do the tourist thing, I just wanted to be there and be part of their lives – rather than doing ‘something special for my visit’. And it was wonderful (even if we were all a bit taken aback when Besalu was closed).

I have two regrets about the trip though. One, it wasn’t a long enough visit with my friends. Two, that I wasn’t able to share it with my BF. Oh, ok, three regrets – that it’s been so long since my last visit.

So, returning to the UK, jet lag in tact – I have to find a way to catch up, visit, see, meet friends more than I currently do. It’s a big thing. A big ask. But, I have to find a way.

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing about D., L. and G. and their adventures with a ‘new house’ and other stories 😉 Skype video calls may have to suffice to make sure that little L. doesn’t forget what I look like until I can get back to Seattle again.