New ISP & Options

I have to apologise for the shoddy language of my last entry. It was written on my iPod Touch – while ‘borrowing’ someone’s internet access…as mine is down.

I have looked into whether I can change ISP. Yay, I’m out of contract period with Orange. I called this morning to check the situation and I found calling the customer retention team works a lot better than trying to get through the script and the language barrier with the Indian call centre. I even told the guy on the phone this morning that the reason I’m thinking of leaving was because I can’t afford to spend an hour to two hours of my time on the phone working through a script whenever there’s a problem. And, that I was left with no Internet (correction, I still have no Internet access) for several days.

He was most helpful. He checked the line and from my account saw the ‘fault’ had been fixed. I told him it hadn’t been fixed. He registered another service call. And, he’s sending me out a freebie router to replace the LiveBox. 

But there are options. Sky, Talk Talk and PlusNet have all been recommended as possible alternatives. BT was a ‘no-no’ according to my impromptu poll…

We shall see what happens. For sure there’s no Twitter & no Facebook at the moment. What’s worse, my music won’t play throughout the house…only where I have a dock for the iPod.