At the weekend we asked about the possibility of rafting down the Tummel with my wee sister’s boyfriend. Before we could say “is it a good idea?” a raft was booked and we were set to paddle down the Tummel the next day.

Mum, Gran and cousin J, sat on the riverbank – watching the river as we went up to the dam to get in the boat. Wow! Four rafts in a row – we paddled our way down the river under the expert guidance of our instructor – Iain. What an experience. Not a huge amount of “white water” but a brilliant taster of what it would be like if more water were coming down from the top…

The final drop in the river is great. Iain guides the boat with ease (seemingly) while we do as we’re told to get the right line over the top and down the drop to the pool at the bottom. The four boats wait so that the guides can ensure the safety of all the other boats going over the falls and those of us at the bottom get to watch what’s happening (and see people’s faces as they splash down into the pool below). Fantastic experience, exhilarating trip!

Want to do it? Check out

www.naelimits.co.uk – rafting in Scotland on the river Tummel – but also the Orchy, the Tay and various other activities. (I really want to canyoning down the upper and lower Bruar).