3bts – Christmas edition

1. A traditional Christmas with the family together for the first time in six years. Mum, Dad, Gran and Sister – with the traditional bucks fizz to wake in the morning, and my Sis presiding over the present ceremony.

2. Luxury Christmas crackers that add to the gifts we received in the morning. Everyone’s faces light up when they see what’s inside and then anticipation when someone else “wins” the pull…definitely worth the extra effort!

3. Watching someone else open presents and seeing their reaction before they open their mouth to say anything…

Don’t try going to the sales

Put your feet up, boot up the laptop and shop online… It’s safer, less stressful and there’s no traffic.

In fact, buy a decent espresso machine from Amazon’s sale and you need never feel the desire to venture into town, wait in the queues and then “relax” by going to Costa/Nero/any other chain coffee shop (where the staff don’t care or are rude to you)…

Can you tell I went into town today? What a disappointment…

The journey back to Surrey

Couldn’t have been more different…it took over 11 hours. At one point the traffic accidents were happening so frequently that Tom Tom predicted I’d get back to Surrey at 01:30!! Argh. I left my Glen at 10:00am…so you can imagine my frustration.

The roads were packed with idiots driving at high speed, weaving in and out of the lanes in deep fog, lots of spray from heavy rain and, later, in high winds. No wonder there were some spectacular crashes…

I got hom safely though – and was welcomed by “I”, a glass of champagne to celebrate our Christmas and a wonderful selection of presents. Santa has been again!

Driving home for Christmas

Yesterday I made the drive North…I left early, very early in the morning in the middle of thick, freezing fog. It was really cold. I got to Southwaite Services on the M6 in good time after a relatively good run. Southwaite was busy, snow on the ground, and still around freezing. The journey was ok – apart from idiots who don’t know how to use fog lights…they just switch ’em on and leave ’em! Aaaaaaargh. Blinded by the light…

Someone, somewhere needs to have a helpful guide to using fog lights for those that are in doubt! And then, there needs to be a lesson for those people who sit in the middle lane all day – oblivious to the queues of traffic behind them… Or those idiots still driving the car with a mobile phone in one hand!! There has been a suggestion that there will be a jail sentence for drivers holding mobile phones while driving…as long as it’s enforced!

That said, I got home safely after a good run. I managed to avoid a 15-mile tail back on the A9 by coming through a very icy Sma’ Glen. The scenery was stunning, trees still frosted and a light dusting of snow on the ground. I didn’t pass a car between Crieff and Amulree – so had the road to myself… šŸ˜€

Arriving at the house was interesting – my car is rear wheel drive so negotiating the drive was good fun. I ended up driving up “crab style”… The “skidding” lights were on the dash to let me know the wheels were spinningĀ  (very helpful, of course ;-)) and I knewĀ it could be trouble. My sister was yelling at me to get the car off the ice…easy to do when the car’s not as low in the front as mine…

Got here though, had a good night’s sleep last night. I spent today catching up with stuff and tomorrow buying last minute bits before the celebrations begin!

3bts – Christmas feeling, breakfast, friends

1. I’ve got that Christmas feeling and I’m inflicting it on the two others in the office today. I’m playing a “Playlist” of 191 Christmas themed songs from my iPod – on the office speakers! Lol.

2. I had a breakfast meeting this morning, and while I knew the breakfast wouldn’t be the most healthy kind – I still waited to eat and I really enjoyed something completely different. And, yes, it was naughty, and I dread to think of the WW points šŸ˜¦ but it made me smile.

3. A spooky experience just made me smile. My phone rang – it was my sister calling – but when I answered the phone it was an old school friend at the end of the line. It was great to hear her voice (it’s been a long time), but weird, as I had apparently managed to call her work line and didn’t even know I had her work number! In the meantime my sister left me a message!! Weird and fantastic all at the same time.

Best Wishes!

This is a message for two very special people in my life…

Your news is just fantastic! I’m so very happy for both of you. I love you both very much, and over the next wee while I’ll be sending you lots of energy and positive thought. Take it easy, and stay healthy. Keep thinking of that date and things will work well for you.

Hope to see you both very soon.

3bts – Distant friends, fun, birthday surprise

1. I caught up with some distant friends this morning – over their blogs. While I’m really happy to read all their news and see their stunning photos, there’s more than a little sadness that IĀ missed their latest UK visit.

2. The weekend was fun – seeing friends – celebrating the weekend (& other news) enjoying an early start to the festive period.

3. A friend’s 40th Birthday surprise party. Watching his face as we all yelled “Happy Birthday” from the balcony above him.