Snow Patrol at the O2

Last week saw us venturing out, onto the train, the tube and into the O2 for the Snow Patrol – Take Back the Cities tour. Having seen them before, we decided not to get tickets for the (rather steep) auditorium seats, but to go for standing tickets. It’s all about the atmosphere and in those seats, you can’t really stand up, dance, or move about too much for fear of falling off. Standing tickets, being not far from the stage at any point, and being in among other fans was just fantastic.

We dance, we sang, we cried (yes, we did), and we laughed.

The band…amazing.

Early in the set they’d played all the popular songs; Run, Chasing Cars, Chocolate etc. So, working out what the encore would be was interesting. Lightening Strike live is fantastic…but it was clear from the crowd that not many people had listened to the album all the way through. 

Since seeing the band at the O2 a couple of years ago, they’ve matured somehow. The stage prescence is improved, even though it wasn’t ever bad, it’s better. They build into a song and engage the crowd to a point where you just can’t help singing and dancing along.

Gary asked the audience to sing ‘Chasing Cars’ and was visibily moved when the O2 erupted into the chorus and then the verses of the song. He commented that ‘Journalists ask if I get bored playing the same songs…after that f**k no’. It was fantastic.

Can’t wait to see them again.