Kick-off Q3

It’s next week. We’re planning our presentations. We’re getting organised. Today I organised the team-building part of the day. GOLF. Yes, I’ve organised team building on the local golf course. So, we start off with four golfers and nine non golfers. I somehow think this could be a laugh.

We’re having a group lesson on the range and then we’re playing 9-holes.

The teams will be interesting…

As a company one of our core values is teamwork, yet I would say it’s the one thing we lack most! Let’s see whether golf helps – or hinders… 😉

O2 Arena – Snow Patrol

Many of you know that I lived in Greenwich for a time. I lived there during the planning phase and the building of the dome. I am from Scotland. I believe the dome was a mistake and a huge waste of tax-payers money (yes, that does include my money too). Well, I never went to the dome. Intentionally. And, when they found an unexploded bomb on the building site, I hoped the whole lot would go up in smoke. A little extreme perhaps, but that’s how I felt.

Today, I went to the revised dome – now known as the O2 arena – and I have to say it is one of the best venues for live music that I’ve ever been to. Snow Patrol was amazing. The venue, while not completely finished / polished and in full working order is amazing. The acoustics worked. No bleed outside the auditorium. And it just works. Even the seats are comfortable. But, if you’ve never been and you’re going to see a band AND you have tickets on level four… be warned – it’s high up. It’s steep. Take binoculars! But, you’ll have a great time. (There are a good selection of bars and restaurants to choose from…so you won’t go hungry).

Three songs stand out more than others from tonight’s concert… Chasing Cars, Run and You’re All I Have. I would post the stuff I took with my phone…but someone will more than likely complain. Go see them live – I recommend it. The lead singer’s voice is pretty cool and the music, live, is something else.

Leaving the venue to go back to the tube station was a little crowded, but we did venue to Waterloo in 20 mins which is just fantastic. If you’re an 02 customer, register on their site for special offers at the arena. We’re going again, soon. And, while I have scoffed at the idea of the dome for years, I have to concede that it is now the UK’s best indoor big gig venue!

 Next gig – August 16th – Goo Goo Dolls at Hammersmith Appollo/Odeon or whatever it’s called these days. This venue is not quite in the same league as the O2 Arena…but last time I saw a band there, it was pretty damn good.

It’s still raining

With much of the country suffering extensive flooding, I really have no right to complain about the end of my run being affected by a downpour…but…
We completed another day of our training today. The run was pretty good albeit rather cold out there. My jacket was unzipped during the run, but that was it. It wasn’t warm enough. The consequence of the cold air meant that my lungs and breathing suffered…but I made it round without too many problems. The ‘brisk walk’ back turned into a bit of a run to escape the downpour… Oooh, running in the rain is not for me. It’s cold, it’s wet (funny that), and it gets a wee bit slippery under foot.

Max heartrate was higher today. Min heartrate was also higher…

3BTs – iPod, coffee, and parties

1. Driving very fast with a specially prepared playlist on the iPOD. Better than mix tapes were in the 70s and 80s.
2. That first (and for me the only) cup of coffee in the day. The taste, bitter, but smooth, refreshing and warming.
3. Organising a party for someone special. The excitement of preparing the guest list, the ideas for food and drink and the agenda for the day.

Turning point?

Two days of meetings.

CEO visiting. New VP in town. Sales meeting.


That’s been the name of the game since Monday am. Now it’s over. Back to normal.
What is normal? What happens from here? Have we reached a turning point? Will the agenda change at all during the next few weeks?
The CEO was quite explicit in his views and expectations. The MD seemed to feel ‘beaten up’ at the end of the day. I thought sales escaped with a slap.
Now it’s a case of taking the bull by the horns and making something of the opportunity.

I watch, eagerly awaiting the changes.

New running shoes, first run

My old trainers weren’t too old, but having been fitted for new running shoes, I have to say the difference tonight was amazing. We did the next session in our training program and enjoyed it! There seemed to be less aching in the lower leg, which can only be a good thing. The weather is very cold at the moment (for June), which isn’t too good, but we did ok. I suffered a little bit with my breathing, but to be honest it’s still not as bad as the first time out.

Day off tomorrow…

Back again on Wednesday! Let’s see how the feet are then.

08h30 at the office…

It went like this…

The CEO arrived, the office was empty apart from me, ‘I’ and my boss…CEO said “Are we the only ones here”?

‘I’ replied “no, Diana is in with her boss”. “Oh,” he said.
And, later in the day “So, we start the meeting at 08h30 tomorrow?” The reply, “No, it is booked for 10h00.”

The CEO’s reply – “Why?”

If only we could answer that question and keep a straight face…