3bts – cuddles, tea, puddy tats

I haven’t 3bt’d for a while. It’s just not been a great time for it. Life got a bit stressful on the 25th August, but now I’m hoping things are changing – for the better. Here’s my first 3bt of 2009…

1. Getting a cuddle from my step sons before they go to bed. The small one sits on my knee and pats my back as he squeezes me.

2. A cup of refreshing tea, made and drunk while we chat about Twitter and the things people say… 

3. Coming home after a long day out to find both puddy tats waiting for some attention from me. Now, the smallest sits behind my right shoulder, her paws resting on me.


Fat Cat

So, with the cats on reduced amounts of food for some time to reduce their weights…the news is “she” lost half a kilo and “he” gained half a kilo. The Fat Cat got fatter and the Skinny cat got skinnier. How on earth do you put two cats in the same house on a diet successfully without one of them just eating the other cat’s food?

“She” is ok – but skinny – and needs dental food from now she is getting older. “He” is ok, just fat and needs to be on light food – he needs to lose a kilo.
You put dental food down for her and light for him – he eats the dental food and leaves the light. You feed them in seperate rooms and they don’t eat. I have already cut them down to one pouch between them and stopped the neighbour feeding him…

I’m going to have to rename him to “Bagpuss – saggy old cloth cat” if he doens’t stop getting fat!

3bts – nice car, indestructible, cat bath

1. Parked next to me tonight was another Z4 – as the driver pulled away she wound down her window and said “Nice Car”. She’s one of the ladies from my “hi-lo” class.

2. Today I saw a photo of a sofa that used to be in a flat I shared with B, many many moons ago. It’s indestructible.

3.  Watching my cat play with the bubbles in the bath as she tries to work out whether they really are wet! She sits on the edge of the bath pawing at them while I read my book.