Corporate marketing trends?

I work in the corporate marketing department of a large software company. I’ve been there for over 18 months and in that time have been promoted three times. I’ve seen many changes at the company, including the loss of my boss and her replacement by an ‘interim’. I tell the people that work for me that the only constant is change.

One thing that hasn’t changed in that time is the pressure on corporate marketing to deliver ‘leads’ to the business. The number of leads my team generates is staggering. But, I have to question whether that’s lead generation should be coming from corporate in these volumes.

As a senior marketer, with experience of marketing for many other companies – big and small – I never before saw this volume of leads from a corporate team. In fact, in one company I don’t think we ever saw anything inbound from corporate.

Is this a new trend? When and how did I miss the memo about this?

I’m in the process of changing a lot of the systems and practices we have used to date. The cry from sales for ‘qualified leads’ is falling on corporate marketing and we need to have systems in place to help with the automation of lead management, lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Now, more than ever before, I find myself in need of networking with my peers.


My Gran (cont)

Some time ago, I created a short post about my Gran – I’ve been up to see her a few times this year and it’s heartbreaking. The dementia has really got a hold. Her epilepsy is under control, though recently it’s been a roller-coaster of seizures and medication changes to control it properly. And, she’s in pain. A lot.

Despite these things, her eyes light up when she sees me and while my time with her is limited, she’s very responsive to memories, photos and discussions when I’m there.

For me, there’s a marked difference every time I see her. This time, we (mum and I) took her to a family Christening – and to our shock she didn’t even recognise her two sons. She got their names wrong. She’s struggling with many members of the family because she doesn’t see them enough to be able to maintain that path of memory.

Dementia is a terrible terrible thing.

I chose not to think of my Gran as she is today – small, frail and confused. I will remember her as the strong matriarch of the family. She was a strong woman – larger than life (so was my Grandad) – loved to eat, loved to cook, loved to care for others, had to be the first to bathe every new born baby, knitted ‘bonnets’ for everyone, instilled in everyone of us a sense of pride in who we were and she was fun. There was always a sparkle in her eyes. A little bit of mischief. And sometimes, a whole lot of mischief!

As a young child, I remember Gran being part of our lives on a regular basis. She and Granddad. I miss being able to play cribbage with her, or Scrabble – played to her and Granddad’s own set of rules – and I miss her energy.

Email rant (again)

I’ve mentioned email being a complete pain on numerous occasions. But today I feel the need for a complete rant. I’m now up to ~300 a day, the bulk of them spam, but the rest are from colleagues asking stupid, piddly little questions that they don’t actually ask me face-to-face or on the phone.

Email can be used to deliver information. It should never be used to ask a question. It should never be used to deliver an action item. And, it should never be used as a method of communication.

Too many ‘dialogues’ take place on email these days. The result of ‘cover your ass’ conversations, perhaps? Or just damn laziness?

I for one wish email was an option, not a mandatory tool for business.

I work in marketing, yet I loathe receiving marketing email.

I find that email hampers my work, so I log out frequently, but when I don’t reply to someone ‘instantly’ I’m not a good corporate citizen. How do we overcome this??

Any suggestions?