Adult braces

Last year in January I made the decision to have braces fitted. No, not train tracks, but the modern equivalent. In-Ovation C – brackets. I’m now over a year in and my teeth have moved considerably, but I’m still looking at another year of braces. The reason for the post is to give anyone thinking of doing braces as an adult an open and honest view.

When I first got the top braces on, I researched on the net about whether the braces would interfere with life in other ways than the expected ones. As an adult, you don’t realise just how bad it’s going to get. It’s not just having a mouth full of sharp metal wires, elastic bands and tongue spikes etc. There’s also the unbelievable discomfort of teeth that break from their connection to the jaw. Wobbly teeth. Teeth that click. And a constant ache. Not to mention the change in diet, or the foods you can’t eat (at all).

But, the worst bit for me, is the the way it interferes with kissing and anything remotely passionate.  Braces just get in the way.

My dentist asked if I would talk to some of his other patients to encourage them to have the same treatment. I had to say no. Had I known how much this would interfere, I would have opted for the more drastic option. Dentures.


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