A Meeting I Don’t Want

(Sorry for the long one. This was written on on the 12 November, but I had to wait to post it).

Today, I have to attend a meeting and I don’t want to go. It’s not going to be good, easy or pleasant. I’m so glad that I’ll have someone special with me throughout (thank you).

I know that I’m not the only one with a wee bit of stress, and I shouldn’t really complain, but why oh why do other people make things so difficult??

You’ve possibly read my blog before, so you’ll know that work has been a little challenging for some time, well, it’s all coming to a head. I am being made redundant – because of the company finances…(credit crunch…hmm, yeah, ok then). My problem is that my role isn’t actually redundant. I run all of the global marketing programs for the company. They can’t just stop. Leads have to be generated otherwise what would our wonderful sales team do for the few hours a day they work?

A while ago I posted a ‘letter’ that I would like to send to the CEO about changing my role within the company to a sales role. I think in the meeting today, I’ll raise that – the fact that our sales team start at 10am most days and are gone before 4pm… Hmm…and I’m being made redundant?

What about the recent sales guy that we “let go”? He got paid off. He never worked before 10am and always finished in time to pick his child up from school at 3.20pm. He got paid off. And, it was a very generous pay off.

I’m beginning to think that the harder you work, the less reward you get. I should just doss about and get a pay off for the effort (lack of it).

That’s not really how it’s supposed to work, is it? And I know that I wouldn’t have a good conscience working that way. It really would feel like I was cheating someone. So, wherever I end, I’ll work hard, and do my job, because that’s who I am. My alter ego wrote the letter below…just for fun…!

Dear Mr CEO,
I wrote to you a while back about the state of the sales team and how I would dearly like to transfer into a sales role. Unfortunately, as you know, I was rejected. I have continued to work hard, to fulfill my duties, achieving my MBO each quarter, like a model employee. Imagine my shock to discover that due to the recent “credit crunch” and resulting “company financial position” I am being made redundant. Imagine further the shock I had when I discovered that there is no real redundancy package despite my loyal service and hard work.

I find this all too much to deal with as recently, one of the ‘much-loved’ sales team was fired for lack of performance (among other things) and he received a handsome payout of many thousands of pounds. I would like to understand if your expectations are such that the rest of your staff will be rewarded for being dossers, time wasters, and idiots? And that those who work hard will always work hard, for nothing, no reward, no recognition etc.?

I wait in eager anticipation of your response.

The Rest of the Company

When you work for such a small company, you get to know people. You become more than colleagues. Your lives start to intertwine and the lines between personal and business become fuzzy. There are three of us – “the usual suspects” – in the office every day – hail or shine we’re there – the others just pop in when they feel they have to… So, for the usual suspects, it’s a big wrench. For the usual suspects to know the fate of one of their own is pretty damn painful. To be in a situation where you can’t even talk to a friend about what’s happened to you is horrendous.

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