Nike +

A couple of weeks ago, I got an early Christmas present (one, that will be wrapped up again :0) before the big day)…a new Nano and a Nike+ gizmo for in my shoe. The idea is to get me running again. I still can’t run outside, expecially not at this time of year, so I’m in the gym. At first, I wasn’t sure the Nike+ device would make any difference to me, as I find running in the gym incredibly mind-numbing…but it did.

I love the fact you get a power song, and that Nike+ counts you down during your final five minutes, and that you can select different things to aim for (distance, time, etc.). On the Nike website, there are other goals to set. Unfortunately, (and this is the only downside) these don’t transfer back to your iPod, but will be tracked when you upload your runs. All in all, I’m loving it. I’m working towards running 5k in a specific time… Well, that’s the goal for the moment! It will change again soon…

I’m also loving Genius Playlists on iTunes. Fantastic. Pick a song you like, click the Genius button and you get a playlist that compliments your original song! It’s fantastic. I used to have a program that did something similar, but that was years ago. I wonder if iTunes got the idea there…? I’m just hoping that Genius will be available as a firmware update for iPod Video at some point in the future.

So, I’m a complete iPod convert. I have a Shuffle (for running), I have a Nano (also for running, but with my Nike+), I have a Mini (which I gave to my mum recently), I also have an iPod Video and I stream music across the network at home using my Airport Express…apparently, I need an iPhone..or a Touch…  With the Touch, you get remote access to your music library at the ‘touch’ of a button, Nike+ software is built in, no need for the receiver, and it just looks superb…hmmmm.

More gadgets to follow…it’s almost time for a new phone!