Negativity Bites

I recently had a bout of pneumonia. I was lucky, I got it early and zapped it with 2 x 500mg of Clarithromycin to kill it off. I’ve been back at work for almost two weeks, but I’m shattered. Totally. Zonked. When I was off sick, I was sleeping 16-18 hours a day. Now I’m back to 6-7 if I’m lucky. And it’s taken its toll.

With a new boss on board, the rate of change at work is ah-may-zing… Today however, was just a tad too negative for my liking. Issues, problems, negativity landing on my shoulders and unusually, I’m just too damn tired to deal with any of it. I came home at lunch time to start (& finish) a piece of work for my boss. Now I just can’t remember what, where or why I was doing it in the first place.


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