What a week!

The South got snow this week. The same week I started a new job. I only got to the office twice. Grrr. Not the best start to the new working regime? Hmm. 

Monday – too much snow to make it sensible to drive anywhere.

Tuesday – couldn’t get my car out to go to the office and no-one else was there to ‘look after me’.

Wednesday – got there but didn’t actually see the people I needed to see (they weren’t there).

Thursday – spent two hours in the car only to turn around (I’d only done 12 miles) and took two hours to get home again. Ugh. Three hours to sort out an IT problem and the day was wasted.

Friday – Over two hours to drive to the office through some of the most bizarre weather. Rain, sleet, wind and snow. Then deep snow. Driving wind and drifting snow. Hmmm. Interesting journey. 

Can I say yet how the new job is going, I don’t think so. The jury is still out, while I try once again to get my feet under the desk and make a mark.

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