About the snow

I’m from the North of Scotland. I passed my driving test when there was 30cm of snow on the ground. It was normal. Most of my driving on roads to that point had been in lots of snow. There are certains you do and don’t do in snow. 

Talking on a mobile phone is a no-no.

Driving at high-speed is a no-no.

Breaking hard in snow/slush/ice is a no-no.

You’d think people would know that, but it seems doing all three is a bit of a trend with drivers down here. Especially the idiot in the grey van this morning on the A34 (in 10cm of snow). 

Personally, I think once in 18 years is not bad to get a Winter like this, but I also think councils and local authorities need to do things a little different. The first thing is that when a severe weather warning appears on the long range forecast, make sure that the grit boxes in side/B/C roads are full. Er, especially, if there has been a cold snap a few weeks earlier. Secondly, stop gritting the motorways if no-one can get to them! What’s the point if no-one can get away from their houses.

Companies also need to get more organised at letting employees know what is acceptable, and what is not – or at least having a policy about adverse weather.

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