Grumpy this morning…

Me, yes, I was grumpy this morning. I need to share the source of my grumps…

I, unfortunately, had to visit the supermarket this morning. It caused me to be grumpy for a few hours afterwards. The reasons:

  1. people who allow their children to sit in the shopping trolley. DISGUSTING! VILE FILTHY CREATURES! (Erm, when I say in the trolley, I mean where you normally put your food).
  2. people who allow their children to push the trolley despite them not being tall enough to see where they are going and then laugh when the child bumps into or runs into the ankles of unsuspecting shoppers.
  3. children who throw tantrums…and in the process block a whole aisle.
  4. parents who insist on praising their children (for no apparent reason) ala you’re such a good boy/girl and asking the person next to them to agree (WTF?)
  5. the people carrier brigade – ugh. I park as far away from the entrance as possible, just to avoid them dinging my car as their little ‘dahlings’ just ‘tap your car as they opened their door’!!! (WTF!!!)
  6. the buggy brigade. ‘If I push my child’s buggy in front of  your car, you’ll stop even though I’m 2 meters from the crossing, right…’
  7. and, today’s piece de resistance…”he’s screaming because he’s tired” (as explained to the cashier, who then looked at me as if to say “HELP”).

Sorry for the rant, I actually feel much better now. Thank you.

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