18th Birthday!

Yesterday was my (eldest) god-daughter’s 18th birthday. Oh my goodness. I can’t quite believe that 18 years ago when she was born I was living in Switzerland, teaching English.

I remember getting the call to tell me that LAR had been born and that all was well. A couple of months later, I became a god-parent for the first time – and I didn’t even go to the church service – I had a stand-in. Even today, I’m not sure how that works, but apparently, it did.

LAR is a great girl. Over the years, she’s aspired to change lots about her life. She wants independence. She wants a university education. She wants a career. As with (all?) teenagers, we went through the “work hard if that’s what you really want” conversations as other interests got in the way of the dream, but she’s pulled it together every time and is in a position to go to uni. 

I have always thought I would support her uni education. Somehow. But, she just told me she’s going to do a degree at a college close to home. She’ll carry on living at home, she’ll carry on with her weekend job and she’ll do a degree.


She went out last night with her mum, sister and a friend. I got a text to say that she wished I was there. Bless. Me too.

I shall celebrate with her next time I’m there.


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