Queen, Jamie Moses and Spike Edney

Last year I had the good fortune to see both Queen (well, Brian May, and Roger Taylor) and the World Famous Red Sox in concert albeit seperately. (OK, so Queen played as part of a special tribute to Freddie Mercury at what would have been his 60th birthday – at the We Will Rock You musical). Both were fantastic, unbelievable and thoroughly enjoyable. So, this year, not only will we be going to see the World Famous Red Sox in concert again, but we’ll be seeing Jamie and Spike on stage with Queen and Paul Rodgers later in the year. Tickets are not yet on sale, but I’m hopeful one of us will be able to get hold of tickets. Can’t wait!

Deacon Blue at the Apollo


Seated, which was unusual for the venue – not that we stayed in our seats for long. The band launched into a set list of all the oldies (plus a few lesser known titles) and the crowd swayed, clapped, shouted and sang all night.

Ricky Ross screamed “London take it away” and the audience sang “Dignity, Fergus Sings the Blues and Real Gone Kid”. I’ve been to a number of gigs over the years, but these guys know how to work a crowd…

At one point Ricky disappeared off stage, much to the surprise of the band, only to appear in the audience. He climbed back on stage, announced the doors were locked and we’d be there for a while yet.

At the end of the gig, the whole band walked forward to the edge of the stage and shook hands with the first row. If you ever get the chance to see them live, go, please. It really is one gig that will stand out as fun, entertaining, enjoyable and definitely memorable.

Stereophonics – At the Brighton Centre


Support act was “The Enemy”, but we didn’t watch/listen or turn up in time to give an opinion…

Stereophonics – fantastic! Kelly singing on stage, on his own, with just his guitar for company – not to be missed.
The drummer, the two other guitarists and Kelly played extremely well and was an evening not to be missed. On stage by 21:00 and off at 22:45 – it was a decent night’s gig, complete with broken string on the base guitar and such enthusiastic drumming he stripped to the waist.

I recommend you go see them, if you get the chance.

On another note…the Brighton Centre is a great venue. Small enough to be fun, large enough to have decent acoustics and easy to get to. What more could you want? With no smoking throughout venues today – there’s even more reason to get out and enjoy some live music.

Lunchtime giggles

Today’s been a good day.

Started the day a little tired – having been out until late last night (at the Goo Goo Dolls gig – which was fantastic). Not only did they play lots from the new album (well, last year’s new album :-), but loads of their older music. You could tell that many in the audience have only recently been able to call themselves Goo Goo Dolls fans from the blank faces as Robbie and Jon launched into the likes of ‘Disconnected, Slave Girl’ – and other tracks from ‘A Boy Named Goo’… Lots of the good stuff played – including Name, Acoustic #3, Broadway and Iris, of course. This is the third time I’ve seen them live in just over a year, and while Iris was fantastic (and should be heard live) last night does not compare with the concert in Brixton last year. Reznik was so shocked last year when the audience took over and sang Iris back to him – now, the band is used to a UK crowd and play to it. The audience’s rendition of the first verse of Iris was cool…

Work today has been ok. Had a good chat with one of the guys to sort out some of the things we’re working on and then all of us (that is five – ooooooooooooooh) went to lunch at the Stag and Hounds…two pints (for the guys), chips and other food later we’re giggling all the way back to the office. it makes a change to see people so animated during the day. We’ve managed a pub lunch every week for the past three weeks and it’s been really good. It’s starting to feel like a fun place again, despite the holidays and despite all the other trials and tribulations! Let’s see if we can kick everyone into a decent shape.


..was fantastic! Back in London after several years touring, it’s definitely worth an evening spent in the Big Smoke…
Fantastic show, great music, amazing actors with great musical talent and at a really tiny theater…


Great for the music – everyone knows the songs. Just beware the “older guys” in the audience who sing out loud, clapping (out of time) and get sssssssh’d by the rest of the audience. (All in good nature though…).

Upcoming gigs…

Glad I didn’t get tickets for the Amy Winehouse gigs…aren’t you?

This week I’m going to see a musical and a gig, both in London. Tonight it’s the West End, Thursday it’s Hammersmith. Thursday will be the first time back to that venue since last year’s Beautiful South concert & after show party. This time it’s all no smoking. It will make such a difference, not only inside the venue, but at the bar and then, leaving the gig (the bit where everyone rushes outside to light up as soon as possible!!! Yeuch).

This year’s gigs include:

Snow Patrol,
Deacon Blue,
and The Goo Goo Dolls.

A varied selection of music & bands – a bit like my music collection…should all be fun (and very loud), …can’t wait!

O2 Arena – Snow Patrol

Many of you know that I lived in Greenwich for a time. I lived there during the planning phase and the building of the dome. I am from Scotland. I believe the dome was a mistake and a huge waste of tax-payers money (yes, that does include my money too). Well, I never went to the dome. Intentionally. And, when they found an unexploded bomb on the building site, I hoped the whole lot would go up in smoke. A little extreme perhaps, but that’s how I felt.

Today, I went to the revised dome – now known as the O2 arena – and I have to say it is one of the best venues for live music that I’ve ever been to. Snow Patrol was amazing. The venue, while not completely finished / polished and in full working order is amazing. The acoustics worked. No bleed outside the auditorium. And it just works. Even the seats are comfortable. But, if you’ve never been and you’re going to see a band AND you have tickets on level four… be warned – it’s high up. It’s steep. Take binoculars! But, you’ll have a great time. (There are a good selection of bars and restaurants to choose from…so you won’t go hungry).

Three songs stand out more than others from tonight’s concert… Chasing Cars, Run and You’re All I Have. I would post the stuff I took with my phone…but someone will more than likely complain. Go see them live – I recommend it. The lead singer’s voice is pretty cool and the music, live, is something else.

Leaving the venue to go back to the tube station was a little crowded, but we did venue to Waterloo in 20 mins which is just fantastic. If you’re an 02 customer, register on their site for special offers at the arena. We’re going again, soon. And, while I have scoffed at the idea of the dome for years, I have to concede that it is now the UK’s best indoor big gig venue!

 Next gig – August 16th – Goo Goo Dolls at Hammersmith Appollo/Odeon or whatever it’s called these days. This venue is not quite in the same league as the O2 Arena…but last time I saw a band there, it was pretty damn good.

This Weekend’s Activities

Friday night was fun. Meeting up with friends in a little known Surrey village to see “The World Famous Red Sox” – with Jamie Moses and Spike Edney. Fantastic. Awesome. Not to be missed…glad we caught it and stayed until the end…sometime close to midnight! We drove home afterwards with ears ringing, but very, very happy. Yesterday gave me an opportunity to google the ‘guest’ and found lots of details about him and his musical career…the chap looks a little like Prof Emmet Brown from Back to the Future…but has an impressive musical pedigree.

As promised, yesterday we went to be ‘fitted’ for running shoes. Half a shop of shoes on the floor to try on, different sales people, and we both walk out with the same shoe… Very, very bizarre. Mizuno Wave running shoes – that we should break in on a treadmill, to check that they are right for us. That was the plan for today…but…

Last night out for dinner with friends, at their house. Fantastic food, company and chat – accompanied (in my case) by far too much wine has left me feeling rather delicate today….so no running – again. That’s now several days – oh well. Tomorrow’s the start of another week and another set of challenges…

Today’s been a strange day. It rained all day. I didn’t get dressed until half an hour ago (oops) and we’re going out in an hour to do it all again. Well, minus the vino for me.