Update on Gran

Total confusion it seems is becoming the norm. She asked yesterday how her mother was. My mother had to remind Gran that she is actually 88 and that her own mother has been gone for some time.

It’s hard. So very hard.

I sent flowers to the hospital, because I live too far away to visit. Gran loved them. I sure she would have appreciated chocolates more, but they are not allowed because of her ill health. I’ll send her some of her favourite Green & Blacks Maya Gold when she’s well again.

Family arrive for a visit tomorrow. She doesn’t know yet. I’m just hoping she recognises them and doesn’t do the “who are you” thing.

3BTs – airport, pink, and technology in action

  1. Anticipating seeing someone. I have to pick someone special up from the airport later.
  2. Pinks in bloom in my garden. Recently planted, the pinks are starting to show their colours, release their perfume and decorate my previously dull garden.
  3. Ah, the joys of a ‘Multipoint’ headset! Carrying two mobile phones just got a lot less painful thanks to Jabra

3BTs – Pinks, Gentle Surprise, Busy

  1. The satisfaction of planting Purple Pixies, Fatheads, Pinks, Blue Moons, and other flowering shrubs in my garden to make it look more colourful and smell more fragrant and hearing that I’ve planted some wonderful things (from someone older and wiser).
  2. Holding a four week old baby in my arms and seeing how gentle a five year old (normally a very boisterous little boy) reacts toward the tiny baby.
  3. Laughter, chitter-chatter of voices, and the satisfying hum generated by a house / garden full of people yesterday.


For various reasons I’ve been having acupuncture for a few years now. Initially I went once a week to get a particular health issue under control (this is after several varied attempts by the GP (drugs, surgery etc.) to rectify the problem) and for the most part it’s been fantastic. I say for the most part, because there are times when I don’t get to see the therapist and the old symptoms reappear…not as intense, but still there.

I recently had a disagreement with my doctor, who again wants me to take drugs to alleviate symptoms, but does not want to investigate or solve the cause of the problems, so I turned to acupuncture. I’m three months into treatment and I’m almost back to normal.

What’s causing the issue? Who knows – the doctor doesn’t care – or isn’t willing to spend the money to find out. I know it’s not a critical illness, but it is something that is persistent and very draining on me. It concerns me deeply that I don’t know the underlying cause – I’ve thought about changing doctor, but I’m not sure it’s going to be better elsewhere. So, I’ll stick with acupuncture for now.

This week I have a needle in my leg for the week. You can’t see it, I don’t feel it at all, but I know to massage at it at certain points to help. Acupuncture not only helps with certain ailments, it can help with all over well being. I used to think it was scary to have needles put into parts of my legs/arms etc. but now I look forward to it. I find it relaxing. In fact, there are many times, after a stressful week that I fall asleep as the needles are applied and only wake when they are removed again.

Snow is falling…

…all over the UK, but it’s not “heavy snow in the South East” as was promised by a certain weather person on “Breakfast” for the past few days. My parents have lots of snow, relatives in Yorkshire have had a decent amount of snow and we’re just not getting what was promised. Oh well.

The snow has been steadily falling, but it’s not what I can heavy snow. Not by a long shot. Heavy snow is the kind that causes “white-out” conditions, buries cars in dirfts and causes roads to block. Here in the land of Southern softies (of which, it appears, I am one), heavy snow means flurries of medium sized flakes that can do no harm (unless you’re a useless driver and use the falling snow as an excuse to tip-toe along…).

Easter weekend has been wet and without the snowman for the garden as originally promised 😦

3bts – timing, quick, compliment

1. Beating the time Tom Tom gave for getting home from London on a Friday night. I knocked an hour off the time given…by going a different way. 🙂

2. Catching someone’s quick wit mid-sentence and watching my boss’ realisation that it’s ok to laugh.

3. Getting a compliment from someone I haven’t seen for a very long time “you’re looking really slim”. (So, losing 63lbs really does have an impact ;-))


I’ve reached one.
What I need now is a clear path forward. That’s where it all falls apart.
I know what I want, I know it’s possible, but the road to achieve it is long and has many twists and turns in it.

In the short term, what do I do? Is the long term vision actually achievable for someone in my situation?

Answers on a post-card (yes, I know this is rather cryptic, but you never know who’s listening in).

My birthday…

…has been and gone for another year, but the celebrations continue…

Tomorrow I’ll be joined by some close friends for dinner at a local restaurant and then onto a club for some dancing. I’m really looking forward to it.

Last night b/f and I had a very fun evening – eating, drinking, listening to music (trying to play it on an electric guitar!), and generally having a laught. The day at work was ok – I ate far too much bad stuff, but it was all in the name of my birthday!

How things are changing though…I got:

13 “traditional” birthday cards – which are lovely (although one of them can’t actually be seen by anyone else – a custom http://www.moonpig.com card)

7 “text” birthday wishes

4 eCards

2 email birthday wishes

5 messages on http://www.facebook.com

And too many phonecalls to count…

All in all a lovely day that so many people remembered, but how different our society is today!

3bts – burnt orange sky, gothic, the right thing

1. Walking out of the office yesterday and seeing an amazing sunset as I round the corner. The sky is an wonderful shade of burnt orange. It’s quite a sight.

2. Giggling with a friend on the phone and at the same time sending links via Messenger about what qualifies as “gothic” these days. How things change.

3. Being told that I’ve had this very same injury before and that I’m doing the right thing to “mend”. I need to rest more, but also keep up with the support for a bit longer.

I Feel Old

This morning I got a letter from my university Alumni association inviting me to a reunion in summer. With lots of activities planned and the chance to go back and see how the university has changed over the years, it’s an interesting prospect…but, then I thought about it and what it actually means. 20 years ago in September I started my first semester at university. 20 years ago!! OMG.

I remember walking into the halls on the first day, discovering that I was in the only hall of residence dedicated to segregated living arrangements…that my parents thought they needed to make friends for me…that my mum was heartbroken I was leaving home, despite telling me for years to go out and be independent…that I really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my education…and that I was surrounded by a lot of young people who just wanted to get drunk a lot.

The really good thing is that 20 years on, I’m still in touch with a lot of the people I met at uni – even some of those I met on the first day. Some of them, I don’t see very often, but still count as “true” friends. The memories from the uni years are priceless, but do I want to go back without the people I call friends?

Not sure…

One of my uni friends is getting married this Summer – I’m sure there’s an opportunity to catch up with other alumni at his wedding. We’re all “growing up” slowly but surely…weddings, kids, (divorce/splits) – we’re a different group now, but there’s something that links us all…