Broken teeth

A few years ago I broke a number of teeth. A visit to the dentist to have them repaired told me that unless I underwent some drastic treatment I would have no teeth left by the time I got to 50…

So, here I am 9 months into the treatment and I have braces. Yes, I’m wearing braces. OK so not the traditional train tracks, but the new brackets, clear, self ligating (oooooooooohhhh), thin wires – braces (In-Ovation C). I have had so much pain. I’ve had cuts in my mouth. I can’t eat normal food. I can’t do normal stuff. And, it hurts. A lot.

If you’re an adult contemplating braces, you need to go into it with eyes wide open. It hurts. They get in the way. They prevent full on snogging. And did I mention they hurt?

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