Broken teeth

A few years ago I broke a number of teeth. A visit to the dentist to have them repaired told me that unless I underwent some drastic treatment I would have no teeth left by the time I got to 50…

So, here I am 9 months into the treatment and I have braces. Yes, I’m wearing braces. OK so not the traditional train tracks, but the new brackets, clear, self ligating (oooooooooohhhh), thin wires – braces (In-Ovation C). I have had so much pain. I’ve had cuts in my mouth. I can’t eat normal food. I can’t do normal stuff. And, it hurts. A lot.

If you’re an adult contemplating braces, you need to go into it with eyes wide open. It hurts. They get in the way. They prevent full on snogging. And did I mention they hurt?


New excuses

I used to post regularly about the trouble of working with salesmen. Not about the sales chaps themselves but about the vast array of excuses they can dream up…remember the horses escaping? Or the M25 queue? etc. Well, yesterday I got insight into the mind of a salesman…

This particular chap was harping on about the lack of marketing activity, the brand being awful and how he never saw what we’re doing. (All very odd, but evidence that he doesn’t read or view any of our comms).

On his way out of¬†the¬†building I asked if he’d seen the marketing intranet page and all the resources available. He freely admitted he’d seen the pages, but not actually clicked on any tabs or viewed any information. Then he admitted ‘this is great’.

As he was leaving he said to a colelague

‘I have no excuse now, so that’s the point [complaining]?’

My job here is done.