Facebook and work

I had my first ‘incident’ with Facebook at work this week. Someone who I had as a friend took a comment I’d written, interpreted it as being something to do with a work meeting that had just happened and told a colleague in the office. That colleague subsequently raised my Facebook status as an issue with one of my peers. The results? I’ve had a cull of colleagues as friends on Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

But, it raises more questions than that for me. And maybe it’s just because this is the first time it’s happened, but it’s a very real set of questions. Where are the boundaries in today’s ‘connected’ world?

I had added colleagues previously on the basis that they were ‘nice’ people, who I have a bit of a laugh with. Now, I’m thinking more along the lines of ‘would I actually socialise with you, if we didn’t work together’? And that is a whole other picture.

So, where do we draw the line?

My Twitter account is exactly that – my Twitter account. I don’t use it for business, but I’m being followed by people who are work colleagues only. Cull them? Block them?

And Skype. It’s mine too. But, I’ve recently decided to create a personal Skype account – and will only add people that I have a social connection to.

But, am I being ruthless enough? Should I take it one step further?

One thought on “Facebook and work

  1. A thought provoking post …

    I think you should be ruthless by going that one step further! Words on Facebook and Twitter can be taken out of context and used in such a destructive way.

    Companies search both facebook and twitter to see what is being said and trying to identify employees. One has to be so careful in this so called friendly word on the web.

    People have been sacked and will be sacked in the future for what they have said!!

    One has to ask the question how can anyone have so many friends on facebook and twitter, when we do not even know them, even if they are work colleagues or just people we meet at meetings.


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